The Best WordPress Themes and Templates

And here we have it – our compilation of the best WordPress themes of the year! WordPress itself has come a long way since its early days as a blog platform, and millions of users around the world now get to enjoy the extensive features for all of their website needs.

We’ve decided to compile some of the most effective layouts on the planet to your enjoyment. We already know that there are many ways to create a website, but WordPress is truly dear to our hearts.

The Best WordPress Themes and Templates

Sweet ol’ WordPress

We’ve made sure to include a variety of different WP themes to suit varying purposes, and although some might be similar – it’s definitely worth getting to know their unique features and functions before making your decision. Certain themes might seem to boast a lot more features, but if none of those suit the type of website that you’re hoping to develop then your time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

This collection was updated on the 18th of November 2016 – new themes added. Enjoy!

So here are a set of our favorites – and they are more than just simple layouts; they showcase the way forward for things to come in 2016 and beyond. If you’re looking for premium WordPress themes then you’re in the right place – so let’s get started:

Divi – A stunning responsive template by ElegantThemes

If style and elegance are what you’re looking for, then you won’t go wrong with the Divi theme. This layout is ideal if you enjoy all things visual – especially if your site will be devoted to special events, celebrations, or a portfolio.

The theme itself offers a choice between two homepage layouts and there are even options for multi-page formats, too. The layout doesn’t rule out e-commerce features either; in fac,t it’s ideal if you’re looking to promote a service or product with a minimalistic approach.

Divi Theme – A fully responsive template by Elegant Themes

More Details about divi

The X Theme

This theme has been branded the template of 2015 – and we completely understand why! It’s responsive, customizable, fully functional and jam packed with visual features that could knock the socks off of the most creative among us. It draws on the style of many WordPress premium themes (albeit in a unique way), whilst remaining entirely functional for beginners and experts alike.

What’s possibly the greatest feature of the X theme is its sheer versatility. It suits an incredible variety of website genres and styles – without sacrificing anything in the process!

The X by themeco

More Details about the x

The Core

It’s easy to recognize an incredibly effective theme as soon as you take a look at the demos – and the Core template definitely hasn’t cut any corners as far as their demos are concerned. Not only are users presented with a wide variety of aesthetic layouts and designs to choose from during their website development journey – there’s the added advantage of each demo being created to suit a particular niche and industry. It’s also multi-purpose and responsive, making it ideal for designers of every niche and skill-set.

The Core

More Details about the core


It’s not often that section navigation bars work well, but the Grid theme has pulled this off without a hitch. On the left is room for your pages, in the center you’ll find space for your services or product categories, and then over on the right are your social media icons – all of which can be modified to suit your specific requirements. The magic starts underneath with the imagery which can also be customized as preferred.


More Details about Grid

Photocrati – A diverse  photography layout for users of all calibers

If the simplistic approach is more to your liking, then the Photocrati theme could well be worth a shot. Many designers like to think of it as simple – but we like to consider it an aesthetically pleasing work of art. It’s thought of as one of the leading WordPress themes for designers, creative individuals and photographers alike (as its name might suggest), but we’re sure that whatever you’re planning to use it for – you’ll appreciate its elegant functions, simplistic layout and message-portraying appearance.

Photocrati – A diverse  photography layout for users of all calibers

More Details about photocrati

BeTheme – A functional take on creativity (150+ install demos)

If you’re a creative genius then you’ll definitely appreciate the power of the BeTheme. As far as templates go, this one is as diverse as it is effective – and it would make the ideal landing spot for any budding musician, artist, or writer. By selecting this theme, there’s almost no limit on just how diverse you could make your website – and with over 150 demos to experience once purchased, this theme is like an endless pit of ideas and creativity.

BeTheme – A functional take on creativity

More Details about be

Agora – Ecommerce promotion at it’s finest

Whether you’re offering a product or a service; you will definitely want to take a look at the Agora theme. It’s simple, elegant and boasts a touch of modern contemporary aesthetics, too.Furthermore, the theme itself is fully mobile responsive – you can define categories, lists and even specific discounts within the settings, to really maximize your sales! Agora really takes the concept of online selling to a whole new level.

Agora Theme – Ecommerce promotion at it's finest

More Details about Agora

The Retailer – An alternative take on e-commerce

If you’re products are a little more exclusive than standard e-commerce stores, then The Retailer ecommerce template could well be the way to go. For a start, it simply oozes style and creativity; making it ideal for products relating to apparel and accessories.

This theme can be fully customized and modified to suit your color and layout preferences, and as it’s packed with the potential for widgets as well as being mobile-optimized from the offset; there’s no reason why even the most exclusive online store couldn’t benefit from it.


More Details about the retailer

Nexus – Publishing and high end newsletter layout

Online magazines are fast becoming one of the most popular methods of publicity, and the Nexus just so happens to specialize in this exact niche! From its uniquely visual layout all the way to its modern take on informative content – the Nexus theme is nothing if not the ideal template for journalists, photographers and everyone in between.With miles of great functions and features, the Nexus is much more than a theme – it’s a way of life.

nexus wordpress theme

More Details about nexus

The Shopkeeper – Everything that its name may suggest

As far as selling online goes, the Shopkeeper certainly has all angles covered. If you’re selling your own products then you’ll definitely appreciate the inclusion of the visual composition tool, and if you’re keen to promote your products in general – then you won’t go wrong with the fully integrated slider. There’s literally no limit to what you can promote and sell, and with a full widget compatibility to boot – your e-commerce site is in for a treat!

The Shopkeeper

More Details about the shopkeeper

The Mozzy Theme – A modern take on the blogging approach

WP templates and themes are a great way to create a stunning looking website with as little fuss as possible – but what if you’re keen to go back to basics with a uniquely designed blog or portfolio? If that sounds like you then check out the Mozzy theme – a stylized take on the origins of blog post writing, with the added bonus of a creative design.

When using the template, you’ll even have the option to define the home page a ‘flexible’ setting – meaning that you can modify it within a matter of seconds to keep things fresh.

The Mozzy Theme – A modern take on the blogging approach

More Details about mozzy

The Inspiro

Now here’s a dynamic template that captivates attention in less than a second. Being photo-centric means two things – the first relates to the immediate impact that the web design could have on anyone viewing it, and the second refers to the showcasing potential for anyone with a portfolio or a particular product to cast into the spotlight. The responsive layout comes as standard, it’s fully WooCommerce ready and there are options to customize every single element, too.

The InspiroMore Details about inspiro

Salient WooCommerce Theme

Multi-purpose layouts are fast becoming a popular port of call for web designers and developers everywhere – and that’s because of the potential to offer clients a variety of layouts, without having to purchase a multitude of themes. As far as multi-purpose potential goes, the Salient theme certainly doesn’t disappoint; being responsive as standard, bilingual, ecommerce ready and boasts no less than 6 months’ worth of support. Considering the cost – this template is a winner in our books.

Salient wp Theme

More Details about Salient

The Interactive by MyThemeShop

If you’re looking for a theme that prioritizes speed, performance and functionality – then look no further. Not only does the Interactive template come jam-packed with features that rival even the most expensive themes available online; it does the above and much more, too. The typography is simple to personalize, the stylish three-column layout suits a whole host of niches, and as the site is fully responsive and SEO ready; you could get a site up and running with minimal delay.

The Interactive by MyThemeShop

More Details about Interactive


This theme not only sounds great – its performance is top notch too. There are almost no limitations as far as creativity is concerned, and where this template truly shines is in its potential to provide a stunning foundation for web designers of all skill levels. Whatever niche you’re designing for, and however extensive it may be; the Jupiter theme is well equipped to tackle a variety of needs – all of which can be customized to suit a particular purpose. The term versatile doesn’t quite cover this bad boy.


More Details about jupiter

The Ultra by

The developers of the Ultra theme consider it one of the most powerful, flexible and versatile WordPress templates on the planet – and we can’t disagree. If you’re keen to develop a website with minimal effort, without delay and at an affordable price, then the Ultra theme may be worth considering. There are no restrictions as far as the aesthetics are concerned either – in fact every single element can be personalized to suit your exact requirements in a few clicks.


More Details about Ultra

Bridge – Creative multi-purpose WP theme

Recognized as the best-selling theme in 2014, the Bridge theme is every inch the market leader. It’s fresh, versatile and easy to customize – making it easy to understand why it was so popular. Things haven’t slowed down either, and with the addition of an advanced customer support structure, frequent updates and the potential to peruse 100 unique demos – your creative juices will be flowing as you simply sit back and decide on the style that your site could benefit from the most.

Bridge - Creative multi-purpose WP theme

More Details about bridge


If there’s one thing that puts new WordPress developers off, it’s the extensiveness of the system. Even the most avid professionals will know how daunting a task it can be to tackle a web customization project – and that’s where the Enfold template really steps up to the mark. It’s user interface is so simple, that even a complete amateur could navigate and personalize with ease – and considering the end result is SEO ready, mobile responsive and comes with a satisfaction guarantee – the Enfold is an easy choice to make.


More Details about Enfold

Impreza – Retina responsive retina awesomeness

Fully customizable, mobile responsive and incredibly affordable are just a few terms that spring to mind when thinking about the Impreza theme. If there’s one thing that WordPress themes could benefit from, it’s a quality reassurance check – and that’s exactly where the Impreza theme shines. As it’s already been evaluated by Envato with great results, users can rest assured that the template will be as functional as it is beneficial. All that’s left is to enjoy the creative potential.

Impreza - Retina responsive retina awesomeness

More Details about Impreza

Foodica Template

We love a market-specific template as much as the next developer, and as its name might suggest – the Foodica theme is all about consumables. Whether you’re promoting a café or restaurant, or if you’re endorsing your own product online – the versatile theme options panel, fully responsive layout and varying color schemes make showcasing your consumables a breeze. What’s really unique is the ‘recipe shortcode’ functions – making it even easier to feature recipes and dishes prominently.

Foodica wp Template

More Details about foodica

The Noteworthy Theme

Okay, so as far as a color palette goes the one featured in Noteworthy may be a little more Halloween-y than we’re used to. On the bright side though, the HTML compatibility does make customizing the theme quick and easy, so in terms of font types and colors, it’s an incredibly simple task to undertake. The layout is simply brilliant, in fact we’re sure that we haven’t seen one like this anywhere else. Just pure brilliance.

The Noteworthy wp Theme

More Details about The Noteworthy Theme

vFlex Template by VibeThemes

It’s responsive, quick to load and comes jam packed with an assortment of widget compatibilities and more. Being response definitely has its perks, and we tried the demo exactly as it appears on a mobile device. It was flawless, we have to admit. There are a multitude of layouts and color schemes to choose from too, although this site will never look as good as a news site – it’s much better for showcasing talents/ services.

the vFlex Template

More Details about vFlex


We do! But these aren’t just any balloons. It’s fully responsive and could benefit any event or celebratory website, although it is somewhat lacking in the visual department. If you’re a fan of simplistic style on the other hand, then you’ll clearly be impressed by this template. Thanks to the parallax scrolling, it is a single-pager, but that won’t matter as you can rest assured that the attention will consistently be placed on your event post.


More Details about Baloons

Arcade Basic

Whoever thought to bring back retro clearly had a stroke of genius. We’re not sure if it’s the unique background that defines the Arcade template, or if it is the layout in general – but either way you have to admit just how effective it is. The widgets included are easy to program, and keeping on top of social media is amazingly simple – just look at the top right of that header area.

Arcade Basic wordpress

More Details about Arcade

The Nictitate Template

If you’re hoping to make an impact with your businesses’ online presence, then it’s definitely a good idea to give the Nictitate template a shot. It’s smart, stylish and oozes technological prowess. It may be better suited to news or product websites relating to the tech industry, but that doesn’t rule out other niches if the right amount of modification is done. It’s also responsive and easy to SEO thanks to the built in optimization features.


More Details about The Nictitate

TA Dailyblog – Blogging Made Easy

If there’s one thing that most bloggers aspire to achieve – it’s a fully functional, captivating website that keeps an audience firmly enthralled. Well, that’s what the TA Dailyblog theme was invented for; and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s friendly and easy to navigate, and we really enjoyed the inclusion of an army of social media icons to cater to the most exclusive promotional platform. It’s responsive too, for even more versatility.

TA Dailyblog - Blogging Made Easy

More Details about TA Dailyblog

The Splendio Theme

Now this theme might not be for everyone – in fact it is actually a little overwhelming if we’re honest, but we’re sure that there are a few particular niches that could stand to benefit from the spacious potential. There’s an expansive logo area up the top with more than enough room for social media icons, and straight underneath you’ll find an attractive visual banner (which can be replaced), and much more below. Genuinely a great theme.

The Splendio Theme

More Details about Splendio

Origin Magazine Template

This minimalistic design might seem a little better suited to bloggers and forum hosts, but in reality it’s just about as customizable as you could ever want from a WordPress template. It has a fully codable slideshow area that can feature images and content without difficulty in loading times, and as the site is naturally responsive, it won’t matter which type of wallpaper you opt for – it will stretch and reform easily.

Origin Magazine Template

More Details about Origin


If you’re looking for an imposing website that can’t help but get a message across – then take a look at the Meeta. We’re not sure what the name means exactly, but we love the concept nonetheless. The striking banner area is a great way to feature a certain piece of artwork, or even to promote a product or service. Thanks to the responsiveness of the theme, all device users will find what they’re looking for.


More Details about Meeta

The Blog-O-Folio

Okay, so here’s a unique template if ever we saw one. The Blog-O-Folio, otherwise referred to as the BoF is a stylish theme that would work as either a blog, a portfolio, or both. The home page has plenty of space for aspiring writers to really show their best work, and the inclusion of the photo areas makes it simple to add your own imagery with minimal fuss. Plus, the color scheme is simply brilliant and creative.

The Blog-O-Folio

More Details about Blog-O-Folio

EBUY Theme

Although this template would be ideal for promoting, endorsing and selling products – it would also make a fantastic looking biography site, too. The color scheme is well suited to its purpose, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t modify it to suit your own particular brand or style. There are no less than 10 unique spots to display products and notable items of interest, so all that’s left is to add your own goods.

EBUY Theme

More Details about EBUY Theme

Blue Bubble

Are all bubbles blue? In any event, the Blue Bubble theme is as appealing as it is productive. Unlike many of the other templates in this list, this one boasts its very own left side navigation bar. It might be a little difficult to get around the site if the demo is anything to go by – but we’re sure that you have a whole host of categories to stuff that menu bar with, to really enjoy the space.

Blue Bubble

More Details about Blue Bubble

OShine Bright

This theme comes with a comfortable 12 demos to choose from – each of which has been customized to tackle a particular industry or niche. If you don’t like the great looking individuals on the first demo, then switching the image out is easy via the upload function, and HTML programmers will also appreciate the ability to code 80% of the elements behind the scenes (such as the fonts, color schemes and so on). All in all, professional.

OShine Bright

More Details about OShine

BonPress Professional

Now, here’s a theme that was made for coders. It’s elegant, simple and boasts a lot of the more traditional elements typically overlooked in this day and age. The left side navigation brings back memories of older style blogs, and the focal point in the center would suit any product or service in need of a little promotion. And who could forget that top intro section? It’s fun and reminiscent at the same time.

BonPress Professional

More Details about BonPress Professional 

Shuttershot Template

Okay, so photography is one of the niches that doesn’t lack on the template front. Here’s a unique take on the photographical theme however, this time in the form of the Shuttershot. It’s fully responsive and loads in a record breaking time, thanks to the behind- the-scenes widgets that compress without any loss of resolution. What’s really lovely is that the wallpaper is free to use, but easy to replace as well.

Shuttershot Template

More Details about Shuttershot

InFocus Theme

Now here’s a theme that we’re sure that you’ll love – especially if you’re in to iconic web designs that emanate style and elegance. The InFocus template features 7 custom widgets that you won’t find anywhere else (each of which can be tailored to suit your specific needs). It also boasts highly dynamic Jquery and Nivo sliders to showcase your latest services or products, as well as easy to implement short codes and much more.

InFocus Theme

More Details about InFocus Theme

The Awake

Boasting a fully responsive design, over 60 skins to choose from, and an internal form builder (to save having to rely on Wufoo), the Awake theme is much more than a classy template – it’s a canvas where a business can exude professionalism without even trying. The template comes complete with dummy text and sample imagery – all of which can be directly modified via the easy to use control panel. Considering the price and the incredibly dense backend options – this theme is enough to cater to even the most luxurious of businesses.

The Awake

More Details about The Awake

The Spectacular Template

If you’re a fan of the traditional tabloid or magazine layout, then we would definitely recommend turning your attention to the Spectacular template. It functions a lot like a newspaper, with a bold, central header to introduce your audience to your services and features, and below the fold is a whopping amount of space for a gallery, a set of blog posts, or anything else that you can imagine. There’s literally nothing lacking from this masterpiece.


More Details about The Spectacular Template

Clean Retina

Who doesn’t enjoy a website that eliminates modern demands for visuals? The Clean Retina is about as fresh as templates come, and we enjoyed this theme for its elegance, ease of navigation and general enjoyment. The navigation may look a little better centered (which is doable in the backend), and the imagery can be replaced without a moment’s hesitation. All that’s needed now is your creative input to manufacture beauty.

Clean Retina

More Details about Clean Retina

The Great

We’re huge fans of blog-oriented websites, and the Great theme just so happens to be one of those. There’s no chaff involved with this theme, in fact there’s simply room for a logo or title, a few spots for your page categories and then a host of images that can be complimented by content. On the right you’ll be able to push a particular sale or product, and just under that is your blog post archive.

the great wp template

More Details about The Great


Looking for a way to get your blog to stand out? Live is a beautiful WordPress template that’s eye-catching and packed with great features. Infinite scrolls, sticky sidebars and animated post images are some of the things you can use to make sure visitors keep reading. It’s ideal for bloggers who report on live events as you can add a Livestream to your Home page. Plus it’s social media-friendly and supports multiple languages.

Live — Blog WordPress Theme

More Details about Live


Creating an online portfolio for your architecture, construction or building company doesn’t have to be difficult. And this template could easily be adapted for other businesses such as freelance designers or photographers. It includes Visual Composer which is a drag-and-drop page builder so you have complete control over the structure of your site. It’s also fully responsive and retina ready so your content will look great on any screen.


More Details about Architecture


The template certainly is appealing to bloggers who also want to create an online store. Play around with four different post layouts and unlimited colors to create your look. You can also display images from your Instagram feed on your blog. With short codes, you can add extra functionality to your blog even if you have no knowledge of code. The Sliding Navigation and Instant Search features make it easy for your readers to navigate around your site and find what they’re looking for.


More Details about Appeal

And there we have it, a fantastic variety of WordPress themes that cater to all types of needs and requirements! What are you using right now? Do any of the above tempt you to switch? Let us know!

6 Responses to The Best WordPress Themes and Templates

  1. Anna Mare December 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

    Am I the only one who hasn’t tried the X theme yet? Everyone at work swears by it but I just hate following suit.

    • Jamie December 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

      Lol I know how you feel Anna. I was pretty much forced to give the template a while go by my manager, and you have to try it to really see why it’s so popular. If you want to break the mold, then maybe go for the BeTheme. It’s just as functional and a little less known, but I know that it’s a go-to for a lot of my friends and co-workers.

      • Anna Mare December 24, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

        Haha I don’t feel as silly anymore! I have used the BeTheme a couple of times now and it does the job. If it’s a good replacement for the X theme then I’ll stick with it, especially if the features are similar. Thanks Jamie

  2. Chris Cole January 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

    Yeah Jamie is right, both themes are pretty similar but personally I’d still go for the X theme, only because it has a better support team. I rarely need to use them, but sometimes there’s something that I can’t get my head around and they’re always on hand to help. Between the two, X is a little easier to stay on top of in my humble opinion, especially if you’re spending most of your time coding.

  3. Anna Mare February 16, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    Update! Okay, so I bit the bullet and gave the big X a run for its money. I have to admit defeat lol, it’s pretty darn cool. If anything I noticed that it’s a little more feature packed than I expected. I’ll get the chance to test it on a client’s website over the next few weeks so I’m just playing around with the resources right now, but from what I can see it’s going to be pretty easy to navigate.

  4. Yasar Ali September 17, 2016 at 1:12 am #

    Hi Anna,
    You’ve picked one of the best wp themes such as Nexus & BeTheme etc.

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