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Can I Make Wavy Text in Canva?

Last updated on December 14, 2022 @ 7:21 am

Yes, you can make wavy text in Canva! To do so, simply select the Text tool and click on the  “Add a text box” button to add a text box on your canvas.

Add the text that you want to make wavy.

NOTE: This will serve as our guide in making the wavy text.

To make a wavy text, we will be using the “Curve” tool. However, this tool allows us to curve the text in only one direction. In order to make the text have a wave-like style, not just in one direction, we will divide the text into parts.

To do this, add another text box and input the first part of your text. Then, click on the “Effects” button at the top menu and select the “Curve” tool from the left section.

NOTE: You can make as many parts as you want which depends on the length of your text.

You can adjust how wide your curve will be using the slider below the “Curve” tool.

NOTE: Set the curve settings to a positive number if you want your text to curve downwards. Set it to negative to curve upwards.

Now, add another text box and input the next part of your text, and set the Curve tool slider to the negative value of your curve in the first part. In this example, since the first part of our text’s curve is set to “70”, we will set the second part to “-70” for a more consistent effect.

Add the third part of your text and set the Curve tool slider to “70.”

Lastly, select the three text boxes and group them together. To do this, simply right-click on the selected text boxes, then click on the “Group” option.

NOTE: You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+G” to group elements into one.

You can now create wavy text in Canva!

PRO TIP: Can I Make Wavy Text in Canva?

Wavy text can be created in Canva, but it is not recommended as it can be difficult to read. If you do choose to create wavy text, be sure to use a clear font and keep the text short so that it is easy to read.

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