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QR Code Creation Using Squarespace: Instructions

Last updated on August 16, 2023 @ 8:01 am

Squarespace is a popular website builder that offers users a simple, drag-and-drop interface for creating beautiful websites. One of the features that Squarespace offers is the ability to generate a QR code for your website.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as a way to share information quickly and easily. They can be scanned by most smartphones and are a great way to share your website with others.

PRO TIP: Can Squarespace Generate a QR Code?

No, at this time Squarespace does not have the ability to generate QR codes. However, there are many free QR Code Generators on the web that you can use.

In this tutorial, we will be inserting an already-generated QR code of a link in our Squarespace website. To do this, go to the section where you want to insert your QR Code.

From there, click on the image or block that you want to insert your QR Code into, then select the “Edit” option.

In the “Content” tab, click on the “Replace” button.

Then, select the “Upload File” option.

Browse for the QR code image that you would like to insert, then click on “Open”.

Your QR code is now inserted so that others can scan and use it to go to another link easily!

So, can Squarespace generate a QR code? No, it cannot! You can only insert an already-generated QR Code here if you want to link your website to another platform.

Squarespace makes it easy to insert a QR code into your website. Simply go to the “Edit” option, click on the “Replace” button, then upload the QR code file.

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