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Can You Convert Figma to PSD?

Last updated on December 4, 2022 @ 10:50 am

As a designer, you’re always looking for new ways to streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency. One tool that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is Figma.

Figma is a vector-based design tool that runs in the browser, making it extremely versatile and accessible. So what happens when you need to convert a Figma file to a PSD?

The good news is that it’s actually very simple to convert Figma to PSD. All you need to do is export your Figma file as a PDF and then open the PDF in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop will automatically recognize the PDF as a vector file, and you can then save it as a PSD. To do this:

First, go to your Figma account, open your design, then click File>Export frames to PDF.

Export Figma file to PDF

Next, go to Photoshop, click File>Open, and on your computer, click the recently downloaded Figma PDF file to import it into Photoshop. In the Import PDF dialog box, select all the frames or pages, adjust the options if necessary, and click Ok.

Import the Figma PDF to Photoshop

Then, once the pages are open in Photoshop and you have no further adjustments, go to File and click Save or Save as PSD format. Choose between saving it in the cloud or at your local computer.

Save Figma PDF as PSD

There are a few things to keep in mind when converting Figma to PSD. First, make sure that all of the layers in your Figma file are unlocked.

Make sure the layers are unlock

If they’re not, Photoshop will not be able to edit them. Second, try to avoid using transparency in your design, as this can sometimes cause issues when converting from one format to another. And finally, remember that not all features from Figma will be supported in Photoshop, so you may need to make some adjustments after converting your File.

Overall, converting Figma to PSD is a quick and easy process that can save you time and hassle down the road. So if you’re ever in need of a PSD file, don’t hesitate to give this method a try.

PRO TIP: Please be aware that there is no guaranteed way to convert Figma to PSD and that any methods that claim to do so may result in loss of data or fidelity in the conversion process.

Can You Convert Figma to PSD?

The answer is yes! You can easily convert Figma files into PDFs and then open them directly into Adobe Photoshop, where they will be automatically recognized as vector files.

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