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Can You Make a Long Video on Canva?

Last updated on September 27, 2022 @ 7:48 pm

PRO TIP: Canva is a great tool for creating short videos, but beware of making videos that are too long. Videos that are longer than a few minutes can start to feel like a drag, and you may lose your audience’s attention. If you’re looking to make a longer video, consider using a different tool.

Yes, you can make a long video on Canva. You can create a video that is up to 10 minutes long. To do this, you’ll need to create a new project, select the “Create a Video” option, and then choose the “Long Video” option. You can then add your images, videos, and text to the video timeline.

Once you’re finished, you can export the video as an MP4 file.

Creating a long video on Canva is a great way to create a tutorial, vlog, or product demonstration. You can use Canva’s built-in tools to add text, images, and videos to your video timeline. You can also use Canva’s library of free resources to find assets for your video. Once you’re finished creating your video, you can export it as an MP4 file and share it with your audience.

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