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Does Azure have a ticketing system?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 12:08 pm

Azure has a ticketing system that helps customers track and manage their interactions with the service. It includes a web portal, an app, and an API. Customers can create, edit, and manage tickets through the web portal, the app, and the API. The web portal provides a user interface that allows customers to search for tickets, view details, and attach files.

PRO TIP: We are currently investigating a potential issue with Azure’s ticketing system. We recommend that you do not use the Azure ticketing system at this time.

The app allows customers to view tickets and manage their interactions with the service from a mobile device. The API allows customers to create, manage, and attach tickets from a programming language. The API also allows customers to retrieve tickets from the system and to publish tickets to the system. The system supports both text and XML tickets.

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