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Does Shopify Collect Customer Data?

Last updated on October 2, 2022 @ 12:17 am

When you set up a Shopify account and start selling products online, you’re asked to provide some personal information. This includes your name, address, email, and phone number.

You may also be asked to provide your credit card information. All of this information is collected and stored by Shopify.

PRO TIP: Shopify is a data collection platform that enables businesses to track and collect customer data. This data may include personally identifiable information (PII), which could be used to identify or contact individuals. Businesses using Shopify should be aware of their obligations under data protection laws, including the GDPR, and take steps to protect customer data accordingly.

Shopify uses this information to verify your identity, process payments, and ship orders. They may also use it to contact you about your account or any changes to their terms or policies. If you provide your credit card information, Shopify will also use it to keep your account secure and prevent fraud.

While Shopify does collect customer data, they take steps to protect it. All of the information is stored on secure servers and is encrypted. Shopify also has a strict policy against selling or sharing customer data with third parties.

So, while Shopify does collect customer data, they do so in a way that protects the customer’s privacy.

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