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Does VPS come with cPanel?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 2:59 pm

When a web host offers VPS hosting, they are providing a dedicated server on which the customer can install their own operating system and applications. This type of hosting is different from shared hosting, where the customer’s web site and applications are hosted on a server shared by other customers.

With VPS hosting, the customer has their own server, which they can use to run their own web site or applications.

PRO TIP: cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. cPanel is not included with VPS plans. You will need to purchase a separate cPanel license or use another web hosting control panel.

VPS hosting comes with cPanel, which is a powerful and popular control panel. cPanel allows you to manage your web site and applications in a centralized way, making it easier to keep track of your online presence.

cPanel also provides many advanced features, such as custom domains, FTP access, and secure shell (SSH) connections.

Overall, VPS hosting is a great option for customers who need their own server to run their web site or applications. cPanel makes management and administration easy, and there are many features available to enhance your web site experience.

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