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Can You Fade Edges of Photos in Canva? [2024 Complete Guide]

Last updated on February 7, 2024 @ 8:38 am

Can You Fade Edges of Photos in Canva?

Yes, you can fade the edges of photos in Canva by using gradient elements. Simply open your image in Canva’s editor, then select “Elements” from the left menu. From there, search for “gradient fade” in the search bar and there you can choose an element that satisfies how you’d like to fade your image’s edges.

PRO TIP: Please be aware that your chosen gradient fade element may not work as intended. Experiment with this function first, until you have your preferred results.

In this example, we will try to fade the right edge of this image. To do this click on the inserted gradient element earlier and use the rotate handle to rotate it until the darker edge is on the right side.

Move the element in such a way that the edge of the element is slightly on the right side of the image’s edge. After that, resize it according to the size of your image by clicking and dragging on the pill handles.

Finally, change the color of the element by going to the color settings at the top-left corner of your canvas then select “white”.

Now you have the fade effect applied at the edge of your image! Once you’re happy with how your photo looks, simply download it and you’re all done!


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