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How Do I Change My Domain on Wix?

Last updated on October 1, 2022 @ 7:38 am

If you’re using Wix as your website builder, you might be wondering how to change your domain name. After all, as your business grows and changes, so too might your website’s domain. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your domain name on Wix.

First, log in to your Wix account and go to the dashboard. From there, click on the “Manage” tab and then select “Domains.”


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Next, click on the drop-down menu next to your current domain name and select “Change Domain.”

PRO TIP: If you are considering changing your domain on Wix, be aware that this will permanently change the address of your website. Any existing links to your site will no longer work and any bookmarks will need to be updated. This process cannot be undone, so be sure that you really want to make this change before proceeding.

Now, you’ll be able to enter in your new domain name. Once you’ve done that, click on the “Check Availability” button to make sure that the domain name you want is available.

If it is, congrats! You’re one step closer to changing your domain name on Wix.

Click on the “Continue” button and then select how long you want your current domain name to remain active before the new one takes over. We recommend choosing at least 30 days so that you have plenty of time to update any links or marketing materials that point to your website.

Lastly, review your changes and then click on the “Change Domain” button to complete the process. And that’s it! You’ve successfully changed your domain name on Wix.

Kathy McFarland

Kathy McFarland

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