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How do I customize a single product page in WooCommerce?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 10:10 pm

Customizing a single product page in WooCommerce can be simple or complex, depending on how you want to approach it. If you just want to add a few simple elements, you can use the built-in product pages builder. However, if you want to create a more custom page, you’ll need to use the WooCommerce custom product pages plugin. This plugin lets you create custom pages for any product type, including products with variations and custom fields. Once you have the plugin installed, you can begin by creating a new custom product page. To do this, first open the WooCommerce product pages builder and select the product type you want to create a custom page for.

PRO TIP: If you are not familiar with code or WooCommerce, do not attempt to customize your product pages. Doing so could break your site or cause other problems. If you are not comfortable working with code, we recommend hiring a developer to help you make the changes you need.

Next, click on the Add a New Page button and enter the required information. You can also add custom fields to your page, and use the built-in product pages builder to create a custom layout. Once you have finished creating your page, you can save it to your WooCommerce website by clicking on the Save Page button. Finally, you can optionally add a thumbnail image and a title to your page.

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