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How Do I Customize a WooCommerce Order?

Last updated on January 23, 2023 @ 9:17 am

In WooCommerce, you can manage orders from the Orders screen. This screen shows all orders placed on your WooCommerce store. From here, you can view, edit, add notes to, and perform various actions on each order.

To customize an order:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Orders. Locate the order you want to customize.

  2. Hover over the order and click Edit. Alternatively, click View. This will take you to the details page of that order.

  3. On the details page, make the changes you want. To add items to an order, select them from the product list and click Add items. To remove items from an order, hover over them and click Remove. You can also change quantities here.

  4. Update the order totals: If you need to change the order totals (subtotal, shipping total, etc.), enter the new amount in the relevant field and click Update. A note will be added to the order automatically recording who updated the totals and when.

  5. Update order status and add a note: To update the status of an order (e.g., from Processing to Completed), select a new status from the “Order status” dropdown. You can optionally add a note for your records. Then click Update. The customer will be notified of any status changes via email (if they opted in during checkout).

  6. (Optional) Send customer invoice: If desired, you can send customers an invoice for their purchase by clicking Resend invoice. This will send them a copy of their original invoice email.

  7. (Optional) Add tracking information: If an order has been shipped, you can add tracking information by clicking Add tracking info. You’ll need to enter a tracking number and carrier name here.

  8. (Optional) Cancel an order: If you need to cancel an order entirely (for example, if an item is out of stock), click [Cancel Order]. You’ll be prompted to choose a cancellation reason from a dropdown.

  9. (Optional) Delete an order: To delete an order entirely (for example, if it was placed by mistake), click [Delete Order]. You’ll be prompted to confirm this action.

  10. (Optional) Add/edit billing and shipping addresses: To edit or add billing or shipping address information for an order:

PRO TIP: If you are not familiar with WooCommerce, we recommend that you consult with a qualified developer before attempting to customize an order. Making changes to an order can have unintended consequences, such as impacting shipping and inventory levels.

How Do I Customize a WooCommerce Order?

You can customize a WooCommerce Order by going to WooCommerce > Orders. Locate the desired Order that you want to customize. Hover over it and then click Edit. Alternatively, you can click View which will take you to that Order’s detail page.

On this detail page, you can make changes as needed such as adding or removing products as well as changing quantities. Additionally, you have the option of updating the Order’s totals if needed be as well as update its status along with adding a note. Lastly, if desired, you also have the option of sending your customer an invoice or adding tracking information.

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