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How do I embed a Figma prototype?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 6:56 pm

Embedding a Figma prototype can be done in a few different ways. The first option is to simply save the prototype as a file, and then upload it to your Figma account. The second option is to create a standalone prototype using the built-in prototype builder.

The third option is to use a third-party prototyping tool, like Proto.io, to create a prototype.

PRO TIP: When embedding a figma prototype, be aware that you are potentially opening yourself up to security risks. By embedding a prototype, you are essentially giving others access to view and interact with your design files. This could lead to someone copying your work or taking screenshots of your designs without your permission.

The best way to embed a Figma prototype is to use the built-in prototype builder. To use the prototype builder, first create a new prototype in Figma, and then select the “Embed in prototype” option from the menu.

Next, open the file that you saved as a file and click the “Embed in prototype” button. The prototype will be embedded in your Figma account, and you can access it from any device.

When you embed a prototype in your Figma account, you can share it with your team members via a link or by sharing it as a standalone file. Embedding a prototype also allows you to test it in real-time, which is a great way to ensure that your design is working as expected.

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