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How do I export an image from Figma?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 7:02 pm

Figma is an amazing tool for creating and sharing digital designs. One of the great features of Figma is its ability to export images.

Here we will walk you through the steps to exporting an image from Figma.

First, open a file in Figma.

Then, click on the “File” menu and select “Export.”

On the “Export” window, select the format you want to export the image in.

PRO TIP: When exporting an image from Figma, be sure to use the “Export” button in the upper right corner of the image. Do not use the “Download” button, as this will download the entire Figma project file.

Select a folder to export the image to.

Select a filename for the image.

Click “Export.”

The image will be exported to the selected folder and the filename will be generated automatically.

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