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How do I log into WordPress on HostGator?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 7:04 pm

If you’re using HostGator to host your WordPress website, here’s how to log in:

1. Go to your HostGator account.

2. Click on the “WordPress” menu item in the main menu.

3. Click on the “Login” link in the “WordPress” menu item.

4. Enter your username and password.

5. Click on the “Log In” button.

6. You’ll now be logged in to your WordPress account.

PRO TIP: If you are trying to log into your WordPress site on Hostgator, be aware that there are two ways to do this. The first is by logging into your cPanel and then going to the WordPress section. The second is by going to your WordPress site’s login URL. If you are unsure of which method to use, we recommend contacting Hostgator support for assistance.
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Madison Geldart

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