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How Do I Report UpWork Income on TurboTax?

Last updated on September 30, 2022 @ 11:15 pm

As a freelancer, you’re probably used to being your own boss and handling your own finances. But when it comes time to file your taxes, you may need some help understanding how to report your UpWork income.

Luckily, reporting UpWork income on your taxes is relatively simple. You’ll just need to make sure that you have all of the necessary documentation and information before you get started.

The first thing you’ll need is a 1099-K form from UpWork. This form will detail the total amount of money that you earned through UpWork in a given year. If you didn’t earn at least $20,000 or 200 transactions through UpWork, you won’t receive a 1099-K form.

PRO TIP: TurboTax is a great way to get your taxes done, but be careful when reporting your Upwork income. Make sure to include all of your Upwork earnings, including any tips or bonuses, when reporting your income. Otherwise, you may end up paying more taxes than you owe.

Once you have your 1099-K form, you can begin entering your information into TurboTax. You’ll start by creating a new self-employed profile and then entering your 1099-K information under the “Income” section.

From there, TurboTax will guide you through the rest of the process of reporting your UpWork income and deductions. They’ll also help you figure out how much estimated tax you may owe for the year.

Reporting your UpWork income on TurboTax is simple as long as you have all of the necessary documentation. By following the steps above, you can ensure that your taxes are filed correctly and that you don’t owe any more tax than necessary.

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