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How do you add a grid in Illustrator?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 7:20 pm

Adding a Grid to an Illustrator File

Gridlines are used in Illustrator to help you align objects, and they’re easy to add. Follow these steps:

1. Choose Object > Guides > Grid.

2. Type in the number of gridlines you want, and then click OK.

3. Select the objects you want to grid, and then use the alignment tools to lock them into place.

4. Use the Scale tool to enlarge or shrink the gridlines, or to shift them around the object.

5. Type in a name for the grid, and then click OK.

6. To preview the grid, choose View > Grid.

7. To remove the grid, choose Object > Guides > Grid > Clear Grid.


Adding a grid to an Illustrator file is easy, and it can help you align objects perfectly.

PRO TIP: When adding a grid in Illustrator, be sure to first unlock the background layer. To do this, double click on the background layer in the Layers panel. A dialog box will appear; click OK. Next, select the Rectangle Tool (M) from the Tools panel. Click and drag to draw a rectangle that covers the entire artboard. With the rectangle selected, go to Object > Transform > Move. In the Move dialog box, change the Horizontal and Vertical values to 0 px, and make sure that the Copy checkbox is selected. Click OK. Now you will have a copy of the rectangle in exactly the same position as the original. With both rectangles selected, go to Object > Pathfinder > Divide. This will divide the two rectangles into a grid of smaller rectangles.
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