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Is Azure Certification hard?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 11:49 am

Azure is a cloud-based computing platform that offers a wide range of services, such as storage, networking, and application development. Azure certification is a certification offered by Microsoft that recognizes individuals who have successfully completed a certification exam.

From a practical standpoint, Azure certification is not difficult to achieve. However, passing the exam is not the only requirement. In order to be certified, an individual must also have a working knowledge of Azure, as well as experience in the specific areas covered by the certification exam.

PRO TIP: Azure Certification is not hard, but it is a time commitment. There are three exams, each with their own study guide. The first exam, called the Azure Fundamentals exam, is an entry-level exam that covers basic Azure knowledge. The second and third exams, called the Azure Solutions Architect Expert and the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert exams, are more advanced and require more in-depth knowledge of Azure.

Additionally, certification is not a guarantee of a job with Microsoft. However, having the certification can give an individual a competitive edge when applying for a position with Microsoft.

Overall, Azure certification is not hard to achieve, but it does require some effort. If you’re interested in pursuing certification, be sure to study for the exam and have a working knowledge of Azure before taking it.

Additionally, be prepared to show your skills in the areas covered by the certification exam. If you’re ready to pursue Azure certification, be sure to visit the Microsoft website to learn more.

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