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Is There a Way to Hide Pages on Wix?

Last updated on October 1, 2022 @ 4:26 am

There are a few ways to hide pages on Wix. One way is to make the page private.

To do this, go to the Privacy tab in the Page Settings and select “Private.” This will make the page only visible to logged-in members of your site.


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Another way to hide a page is to unpublish it. To do this, go to the Publish tab in the Page Settings and click “Unpublish.” This will make the page invisible to everyone, including logged-in members.

You can also hide pages by putting them in password-protected areas. To do this, create a new area and check the “Password Protected” box in the Area Settings.

PRO TIP: If you are considering hiding pages on your Wix website, be aware that this is not a foolproof method. Your pages may still be accessible to search engines and other users if they know the URL. Furthermore, Wix’s Terms of Use state that you are not permitted to create a website that is “designed to mislead, defraud or deceive visitors.” If you hide pages on your Wix site with the intention of deceiving visitors, you could be violating these terms and may face consequences from Wix.

Then, add the pages you want to protect to that area. Only people with the password will be able to see those pages.

If you want to hide a page from search engines, go to the SEO tab in the Page Settings and check the “Noindex” box. This will keep the page from showing up in search results.

There are a few different ways to hide pages on Wix. Which one you use depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

If you want to keep people from seeing a page entirely, you can make it private or unpublish it. If you only want certain people to see a page, you can put it in a password-protected area. And if you don’t want a page to show up in search results, you can mark it as “noindex.”

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