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Is There Free Photoshop for Mac?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 1:46 pm

Yes, there is free Photoshop for Mac. It is available as a trial version from the Adobe website.

However, the trial version has limited features and expires after 30 days. To use Photoshop for Mac indefinitely, you need to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. The monthly subscription fee is $9.99/month.

Photoshop is a widely used program for crafting digital images. Many people use it for simple tasks like resizing photos and touching up blemishes.

Others use it for more complex tasks like creating composite images and graphics. Photoshop has become so popular that its name is now used as a verb, as in “I’m going to Photoshop that picture of my friend.”

Adobe offers a variety of subscription plans for Creative Cloud, its suite of creative software programs that includes Photoshop. The cheapest plan, called the Single App Plan, gives you access to just one program of your choice from the Creative Cloud lineup. For Photoshop, this plan costs $9.

If you want access to more than one program, you can choose the All Apps Plan, which gives you access to the entire Creative Cloud suite of programs for $49. This plan is ideal for professionals who need to use multiple Adobe programs for their work.

PRO TIP: Be wary of websites that claim to offer free Photoshop downloads for Mac, as these may be scams. Some sites may offer pirated or illegal copies of the software, which could put your computer at risk of malware or viruses. It is best to download Photoshop only from the official Adobe website.

So, if you want to use Photoshop on your Mac computer, you can do so by signing up for a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. The Single App Plan will give you access to Photoshop for $9.

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