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World's Worst Web Design Trends and Practices

World’s Worst Web Design Trends and Practices

When creating a website for a small business, non-profit organization or starting your blogging career, you’d want it to be visually appealing to a modern audience. There are many trends developing in the web design world which are geared toward creating interactive and eye-catching web pages. However, many of these trends leave as quickly as they […]

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fb store

3 Solutions for Your First Facebook Store

Don’t look now, but selling on Facebook through a Facebook store has become a game changer for businesses, non-profits, artists and entrepreneurs who want to increase their online sales, customers and reach. We’ll introduce you to the three most innovative, user-friendly eCommerce builder platforms that design, create and update your Facebook store for you. Some […]

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A WordPress Theme That Brought a Couple to Marry? Kyle Wakefield Full Interview

We all love WordPress, it’s the kind of CMS that brings developers, designers and marketing experts all together, after all, it powers almost 100 million websites worldwide! Now if you’re really into WordPress development, you’ve probably heard of the ThemeForest marketplace and have used the X theme, which is crushing it on the Envato leaderboard and broke […]

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How to Create a WordPress Website – the Definitive Guide

What’s that? You want to make a website? Did you stumble upon a great product idea and now you’re ready to share it with the world? Maybe you’ve partnered with a comedy buddy and you’re interested in creating a blog to post your funniest bits. Regardless of your reasoning, a website is far easier to […]

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Learn WordPress WBI

Learn WordPress the Right Way – the Best Online Resources

WordPress is the most used Content Management System and blogging software. It powers millions of websites (and counting), and has become the de facto king of website creation tools. In fact, much like PHP and Photoshop, WordPress is now listed as a “skill” on job boards, and knowledge of WordPress can help one get a […]

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A look into the Main eCommerce Solutions

We compiled a list of the basic, most powerful ecommerce platforms for you to use. Shopify is a market leader and an easy way to start. Using WordpRess provides flexibility. See what’s best for you. Magento Did you know that this eCommerce platform is owned by Ebay? What does that mean? Well, it means that […]

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How Blogging Could Benefit Your Business

If you ever wonder what is the secret of blogging, that is nowadays very popular, this text will give you the write answer. Actually blogging is just a tool to benefit any kind of business, so that is why everyone uses this mighty “weapon”. How does the blog improve your business? It brings more visitors […]

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Online Newspapers and Website Builders

When we talk about creating websites we really mean it. And we know that there are so many different types of websites that can be created. Whether you are interested in creating a business website, a blog, online store or even a portfolio, there is a difference in the whole process. We’ve been talking a […]

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Dunked is a website builder for portfolios that has been around since very soon. One interesting fact is that the owner of this service has made himself popular by selling very good WordPress themes across the Internet. Whether his new service is as good as his WordPress themes, we are going to see now. Starting […]

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How to Get More Customers for Your Online Store

Selling online is very easy. You just subscribe to a good eCommerce website builder and you are ready, right. Even though the technical process of creating your own online store has become easier, that doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have success with selling your products. The fact that it is very easy to create […]

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Creating the Perfect eCommerce Website

Creating an online store has become very easy. In the past, you would have to pay a team of developers to start creating your eCommerce website from scratch. That included a lot of technical work – writing/using frameworks, developing the front-end, have a designer create the layout, and more. But with the latest technology you […]

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The Best Website Builder List for 2017

Listed below are our recommendations for the best website builders. They have been ranked using several key parameters, including ease of use, technical support, customer satisfaction, and overall performance.   Whether you are looking for free web site builder software, or require a premium version, our guides are here to help. Best Website Builders Most […]

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