Give Your Site a Facelift | The Top 43 Joomla Themes 2017

The Best Responsive Joomla Templates and Themes

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It is the driving force behind an impressive 3.3% of websites on the internet. With its proliferation, the number of new templates being introduced for use on Joomla is also astounding. That is why it is important to separate the bad from the good.

We have compiled a list of over 40 of the best Joomla templates available today. These themes span the spectrum and we are certain you will find one that would work great on your website, whether you’re just starting or simply looking for a change.

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If you are looking for a theme that is sharp and bold, yet professional, the Flex theme may be for you. Flex functions like a drag-and-drop website builder and enables users to customize every detail and feature. Similar to services like Wix, the template offers component anywhere capability, enabling users to choose exactly where photos, slideshows, videos, and text boxes go without having to worry about a single line of code. Flex also offers eCommerce capability and a ton of other features to not only get you started, but to help you adapt to changes as they become necessary. At $58, Flex is not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny.

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Looking to revive your stagnating online business? Say hello to Reviver. Reviver is an eCommerce theme that comes jam-packed with every component needed to run a successful online business. This includes a responsive layout, Ajax drop-down shopping cart and price filter, list or grid views, customizable product images, offers, labels, and so much more. If you are ready to take your store to the next level, the Reviver VirtueMart theme is the only way to go.

More Details About Reviver


FutureProspects is a monochromatic theme designed for modern sensibilities. Built for business or corporate pages, FutureProspects is also well suited towards products sites, blogs, and portfolio sites. The key to the theme is a functional site that does not sacrifice form. Users can select one of eight color variations, customized sidebars, 13 module positions, and site width. With FutureProspects, you may not be able to see the future, but you will certainly be ready for it.

More Details About FutureProspects


If you’re looking for a great new Joomla responsive template for a business or professional website, then you won’t go wrong with the Industrix theme. It’s sleek, elegant and can be modified to suit any particular niche or preference. It comes complete with a quick start package for Joomla 3.4 and it’s one of the most versatile premium Joomla themes on the planet.

It’s ideal for beginners and those with little experience in using Joomla as a content management system, but that doesn’t rule out the potential for advanced users to really cash in on the theme. There’s an expert level theme options panel included, as well as a shortcode generator, multilingual support and a variety of home page layouts to choose from. All in all, this theme could compliment any type of service or product range – and we couldn’t recommend it any more highly.


More Details about Industrix


Who doesn’t love a pared-down website that makes the best use of white space so your content really stands out? Achieving this look is made easy with Minima, but it has some useful features too. The SP Page Builder allows you to drag-and-drop elements into place so you can create an unlimited number of different layouts. It’s fully responsive, quick to install and user-friendly, even for beginners with no coding experience.


More Details about Minima


If a minimalistic approach is more up your street, then the “Fontaine” layout could well be the way to go. Not only is it incredibly adaptable as far as device responsiveness goes – it’s also easy to customize, comes jam packed with features for beginners and experts alike, and comes in at an incredibly low price with free 6 months of support.

For the coders and programmers among us, there’s the option to take advantage of the built-in CSS and Javascript compression tools, and the theme itself is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later. Possibly the most astounding feature of this theme is its unrivaled ability to modify the display to suit literally ANY device on the planet. That’s a pretty compelling feature on its own.

Fontaine - Clean and to the point

More details about Fontaine


It’s easy to decide on a template that seems like it ticks all of the right boxes, only to regret the decision a little later when things don’t quite go to plan. That’s where multipurpose themes come into the fray – and we genuinely appreciate the versatility. The Joomla DesignControl template is much more than just a theme – it’s a stylish solution to suit websites of all types.

Whether you’re looking for a blog, a forum-inspired layout, or a professional business website – you’ll definitely be making a good decision by choosing this theme. It’s fully responsive and can suit mobile screens, tablets and personal computers alike. It’s also compatible with Joomla 3 and later, features Bootstrap 3 tech, and offers the ability to implement CSS3 animations too.

Design Control - Shape5

More details about DesignControl


Now here’s a theme that is often considered one of the most popular available to Joomla users around the world. The KALLYAS template boasts one of the most functional layouts around, it’s SEO capable, has 3 portfolio layouts to choose from, as well as 6 homepage styles. eCommerce isn’t an issue thanks to the addition of the Virtuemart integration, and the Bootstrap framework makes it easy to personalize every single technical aspect without fuss.

If shortcodes are a prerequisite then you’ll appreciate the sheer diversity of options afforded by the KALLYAS template. We can’t speak any more highly of this theme – in fact, thousands of Joomla users rely on it for all of their website development needs, and we completely understand why. It’s functional, efficient and could possibly be one of the best templates on the market.

The KALLYAS joomla Theme

More Details about KALLYAS

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Purity III

It’s back and it’s better than ever before. The Purity II theme was a huge success (as was the Purity I template for that matter), but 2015 gave birth to the latest rendition – the Purity III. Not only does this theme come jam packed with amazing features and functions that could blow even the most expert users out of the water – it’s also free and compatible with most (not all) third-party extensions, making it versatile, effective and again – free. The appearance may seem a little simple at first glance, but after a few modifications, the potential will soon be clear for all to see.

We’d recommend that every web developer tries this theme for at least one project. In most cases, you won’t be able to get enough of it and it will provide the groundwork for a whole host of projects to come.

The Purity III Joomla Template

More Details about PURITY III

Zenith II

The Zenith II is a follow-up to its predecessor and this theme certainly doesn’t disappoint either. It’s also free to download and use, and possibly the most advantageous element to consider is that it’s as easy to use as any beginner would expect. That doesn’t rule out advanced users either – in fact, the Zenith II template boasts an assortment of expert-level options that only the most experienced could make the most of. Ideal for creating a brand new site from scratch, or for renovating a pre-existing site.


More Details about Zenith II


It might be a slight task getting used to saying the name of this theme – but once you overcome that challenge, the template’s potential will speak for itself. Possibly one of the most diverse templates available – the Eximium allows users to integrate unique tabs, sliders and everything in between at the press of a key (not including the customization required).

It’s another theme that looks fairly simple from the demos, with advanced features revealing themselves as you delve further into the backend. All in all, an incredibly effective template that would suit individuals, professional service providers and businesses alike – so don’t hesitate to grab it.

The Eximium joomla layout

More Details about Eximium


If you’re keen to promote a particular celebration or event, then the Joomla!Day theme is second to none as far as potential is concerned. To describe the template, it’s simply stunning, smooth and responsive. Getting your message across has never been easier, and with an incredibly customizable layout – there’s no limitation when it comes to publicizing a variety of events as they approach. Throw in responsiveness and SEO features and you’re good to go.

Joomla Day - Premium Event Template

More Details About Joomla Day


If you’re working within the beverage industry and could really do with a personalized template that oozes style – take a look at the Kraft theme. Not only is this template compatible with Joomla 3 and later – it’s also CSS3 programmable, boasts bootstrap technology and makes the most of an XTC framework, too. With over 60 module positions to choose from as well, this theme could be one of the most versatile available – especially as the imagery can be customized to reflect your niche.

The Kraft Template

More Details About Kraft


The dawning of the single page website has paved the way for professional service providers around the globe, and this is a topic that the Paperplane template excels at. Users will enjoy 24/7 customer support via Skype, K2 functionality, a variety of theme colors and 9 different home page designs to choose from. Throw in responsive features and easy documentation to follow and you have a template that gets the job done, with minimal fuss and hesitation.


More Details about PaperPlane


Whether you’re an avid photographer, a student at a university, or a globe-trotting professional – you won’t be able to deny the potential of the Stocky template. It has been rated 5 stars by thousands of users, and we understand why entirely. It’s ideal for use as a portfolio or to generally demonstrate your photographic prowess, and when considering the compatibility with AcyMailing, VirtueMart and CSS – the ability to promote, sell and publicize what you do best has never been easier.

Stocky - Ultimate Joomla Photography Template

More Details about Stocky


Epic creativity doesn’t even come close to the potential of this awe-inspiring Joomla template, and with more features than you could throw a stick at – it’s every inch as functional as it is stunning. It is SEO capable, retina ready and fully responsive as standard, so when considering the sheer versatility of the aesthetic potential – you’re presented with a website that leaves the competition in the dust. It’s ideal for a range of professional industries and offers over 400 unique icons to really personalize the layout.

The Momentum Theme

More Details about Momentum


Architects and property developers everywhere rejoice – the Logistix theme is affordable, fully responsive and features state of the art functions, too. Where it really stands out from the crowd is in its ability to suit a host of web design needs – and whether you prefer to portray your skills via images and multimedia, or if you enjoy nothing more than a content-heavy website; the Logistix is more than capable of catering to a variety of needs.

Logistix Template

More Details about Logistix

TechNews Reviews

It’s not often that you come across a template that breaks the mold of design, but that’s exactly what the Review theme does. Taking inspiration from Google’s very own Material Design conceptualization, the theme is responsive, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly easy to personalize. The inclusion of the dynamic slides carries the theme even further, and there’s no telling just how impactful the design it could be when left in good hands.

TechNews Reviews by Gavick Pro

More Details about TechNews Reviews

Villa Bellucci

The Villa Bellucci theme steps up to the creative mark with ease. Featuring CSS3 tech, a responsive layout that suits devices of all shapes and sizes, and the added benefit of an aesthetically pleasing design – this template is ideal programmers and developers of all calibers. If you’re hoping to emanate a particular message or service, then the portfolio style of the theme can work wonders.

Villa Bellucci - Hotel Template

More Details about Villa Bellucci


If you’re in need of a functionally versatile Joomla template that could literally suit any type of professional business – then look no further than the Craftsmen theme. There are 8 home page layouts to choose from, an unlimited color choice to define your scheme, completely responsive functionality and quick start options for designers in need of a fast solution. The theme also boasts video and image parallax technologies – making it even more dynamic than many on our list.

Craftsmen joomla Template for Every Business

More Details about Craftsman


Not just a fun word to say, the Quark theme is actually a fully responsive, multipurpose Joomla template that makes it easy to obtain a fantastic looking website in no time. It boasts quick-switch functions that allow users to select a different style for their website at the press of a few buttons – all of which can be done without negatively impacting any formatting or features. The responsive 2 column layout also makes it easy to load a site out with content, so it’s ideal for journalists or other industry professionals alike.


More Details about Quark


This theme is actually pretty similar to the Dufy template, at least in color scheme. It’s a bestseller on Joomla – and for good reason; the layout is responsive, the sectioning is thought-provoking and engaging, and the price is actually very fair considering the wide variety of functions. The option to personalize via HTML and CSS coding is a great bonus – especially if you’re not too keen on the color scheme – but it is generally pleasant.

The Material Theme

More Details about Material


Astrology is a pretty big deal to a lot of people, and the Astrologist Portfolio definitely stands testament to that. This template could suit a whole host of purposes – from out of this world photography, all the way to a stylish design agency in need of a good theme. As with most of the above themes, this template is fully mobile responsive and can be customized via HTML. It’s also beginner friendly with expert features.


More Details about Astrology

Sport news

We enjoy a great looking news website as much as the next person, and we’re no strangers to sports related sites either. That’s exactly what this template is and it could make a great solution for sports news in any country or continent. The layout is fairly traditional and the developers have even gone as far as adding ad space on the right – modification will allow the site more news genres.

The Features of the Sports News Theme

More Details about Sport news


There are dozens of architecture themes available online and many of those are for Joomla, too. Of these, there’s one of our favorites that stands heads and shoulders above the rest – and that’s the Architecture theme. It features a unique parallax scrolling element, is entirely mobile responsive and has two main home page functions – one above the fold, and the second below. Every single item can be customized – from the background images to the content.

The Unique Architecture Joomla Template

More Details about Architecture


If you find yourself in need of a unique fitness-oriented template, then take a look at this stunner. FitnessCenter is more than just a theme, it’s a chat platform, a showcase of talents and a blog. It’s responsive and can be personalized in a variety of ways. The layout will remain the same regardless of modifications, however, but they are pretty effective as they are.

Fitness Center joomla template

More Details about FitnessCenter 


We’d hate to go any longer without mentioning a stylish single page theme, and that’s exactly where the Birva comes in. It’s classy enough to suit a range of niches, but not too classy that your audience will feel like they’re in a business meeting. It’s HTML5 and CSS3 compatible and users have the option of coding their own colors or settling with the standard demo scheme. In either way, mobile responsiveness will help out, too.

Birva - Creative One Page Joomla! Theme

More Details about Birva


The Mist theme has been relatively popular, especially during the course of 2015. It’s multi-purpose, so that makes it easy to make the most of its unique features for a variety of requirements. It’s also responsive as standard and boasts a very comfortable price tag. Where it really shines is in its ability to provide users with no less than 450 fully customizable pages. That’s a whole lot of content for an audiences’ enjoyment.

Mist - Multi-Purpose Responsive Joomla Template

More Details about Mist

JA Platon

Beginner programmers will never need to prove their worth again by relying on the JA Platon theme, and experts will know exactly how to make the most of the template. It’s fully responsive and comes complete with both HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility – a feature that is common, but only truly appreciated when considering the sheer level of diversity offered by the theme. Color, font and image changes are a stitch – even with minimal coding experience.

The JA Platon  - Education Theme

More Details about JA Platon

Vina Greek

If you ever find yourself in need of an eCommerce theme that does more than just list products, then take a look at the Vina Greek theme. It’s colorful, exciting and engaging enough to keep even the most difficult to please audience enthralled, and thanks to the inclusion of the VirtueMart 3 features, there’s no limit on how many sales you can make with some cleverly worded copy and a few strategic call to actions.

Vina Greek

More Details about Vina Greek


The subject of this template definitely won’t be obvious, but we’re sure that you’ll understand its potential by taking a look at the demo provided by the developers. It’s one of the most unique looking widescreen themes that we’ve ever come across. You could split it in two and still be happy with the results. The left features a stunning image, with the right boasting a variety of captivating sections and categories.


More Details about Mono


Customizable templates took a turn for the better this year, and the Directory theme stands at the forefront of that improvement. In theory, it’s a simple directory blog, but when put into practice – it’s an iconic design that leaves the competition in the dust. This Joomla 3 template is fully responsive and can be personalized from the ground up, making it ideal for creatives of all capabilities.

The JoomlArt Directory Theme

More Details about Directory


Whether you’re a blogger, a promoter or you’re into interior design you’ll immediately recognize the potential of the Justine theme. It’s funky and fresh, with a set of images that you probably won’t even want to switch up. It’s fully responsive and can be programmed via HTML5 and CSS3. Furthermore, it’s incredibly affordable considering the sheer volume of functions and features. If you’re a new programmer looking for a starting point – this is it.

Justine Theme

More Details about Justine


We all love the thought of giving to charity and the Charixy theme makes this entire concept much easier. If you own a charity, then you can walk straight into this theme and enjoy it within a matter of hours. The template is unique looking and can be customized via HTML coding. The layout is lovely and will require minimal programming beyond a change of text and titles to better suit your needs.


More Details about Charixy 


If you’re looking for fresh, then you’re in the right place. The Invex24 theme emanates clarity from immediate viewing – although you might want to draw a little more focus to your particular niche or industry. The images are ready to go, but mixing them up is made even easier thanks to the HTML and CSS features. The template also boasts the latest Bootstrap functions making it especially simple for new programmers and designers.

 Invex24 Joomla Template

More Details about Invex24


Do you love cars? Then what better way to explore your love of horsepower than with the expertly designed Cars theme? The photos all have their own free license, and if you decide that you have a few favorites that aren’t featured then you’ll find it amazingly easy to modify the images to suit you. The photos are only half of the story, however, and the beautiful parallax features create an atmosphere of sheer stylish professionalism.

The Cars Theme By TemplateMonster

More Details about Cars

Computer Repair

If you work in the computer repair field, or the technology industry for that matter, take a look at the Computer Repair template. It’s funky, fun and exhilarating, and it exudes trust and reliability from every crevice. If you don’t like the color scheme, then it’s easy to modify via the HTML resources. Alternatively, you might decide that you’d like to feature your logo prominently, which is also easy.

Computer Repair Joomla 7 Theme

More Details about Computer Repair


While most website templates are geared for bloggers or online stores, the Haus template is made for architects. This sleek and minimalistic theme features an out-of-the-box portfolio, which enables views to see all of your projects. With the retina ready and BootStrap framework, you can easily customize any section and detail of the Haus to your desired look and appeal. When the Haus template is live, viewers will have the pleasure of smoothly scrolling through your website on any browser and electronic.


More Details about Haus


While some website templates aim to be effortlessly cool and trendy, the Oliver template aims to be a simple and professional design, which can be used for any type of website. Aside from the professional appeal, the Oliver has K2 support, along with off canvas settings, block location, course highlight marketing spots, and a revolution slider. While the Oliver comes with a blue, white, and gray theme, there are unlimited color options, which enable you to truly customize this template to your desired appeal. Although the Oliver has an easy portfolio customization, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the designers, via Skype 24/7.


More Details about Oliver


The Welldone template has an effortlessly chic and modern design, which is perfect for people running an online store. With ten different layouts, four header and footer variants, over 30 custom HTML pages, and two product pages, the Welldone template can truly be customized to your exact desired design. Design features aren’t the only thing that the Welldone template has to offer you. Between the horizontal and vertical megamenu, quick view, labels, cloud zoom, special price countdown option, and a compare option, your customers will easily be able to navigate and shop throughout your website.

Welldone - VirtueMart eCommerce Theme

More Details about Welldone


A clean and modern design encompasses the Levante template. The Levante template utilizes Helix 3 framework and SP Page Builder to create an efficient and chic online store for you and your customers. The drag and drop editor and unlimited colors enable you to add a touch of your style to the Levante template. Other features, such as a 100% responsive layout and JoomShopping component shopping cart enable your customers to have the best online shopping experience they have yet to have.


More Details about Levante


Let your work speak for itself with this fully responsive template designed with photographers and creatives in mind. Drag and drop modules wherever you want them to go and have fun playing around with the layouts and colors. Add Youtube or Vimeo videos to your articles with handy shortcodes. Create gorgeous sliders to showcase your best work.

fullscreen template

More Details about Fullscreen


Yes, you can create a beautiful landing page for your app with the MiStartApp template. Choose from one of four demo options that include Gradient, Slider, Video and Static backgrounds. With classic menu styles, floating elements and handy tab sliders, this fully responsive template makes it easy to create a sleek and modern landing page with no knowledge of code and very little effort.

MiStartApp Responsive Joomla App

More Details about MiStartApp

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive list of themes. They represent everything the CMS platform is capable of. Did we leave any out? Do you disagree with any of our choices? Don’t forget to comment below with your own favorites!

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  1. Tucker R. December 17, 2015 at 4:52 pm #

    Has anyone tried the Fontaine theme? It looks perfect for a project that I have in the pipeline, but I don’t massively have the funds to spend unless it’s perfect. A little more info would be appreciated if you’ve used or are using this template.

    • Jenny D. Gilbride February 16, 2016 at 3:59 pm #

      Hey Tucker, I’ve used the theme a couple of times now and it’s actually quite great. I’m not sure about your experience level, but if you’re a new developer then you might want to stick to something simpler. It’s not exactly ‘advanced’, but a few of the tools can be tricky to stay on top of if you haven’t used them before. Personally, I’d say take the dive. The cost is low considering the features included, and the support team are always available if you come up against any trouble.

  2. Jeremy February 27, 2016 at 9:23 pm #

    I use the Fontaine theme on my new Joomla website at . As Jenny said, it is a great theme. You will not make a mistake if you use this theme.

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