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What is AWS :: CloudFormation :: WaitConditionHandle?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 6:36 pm

AWS :: CloudFormation :: WaitConditionHandle is a utility class that helps with the handling of wait conditions in your CloudFormation stack. CloudFormation wait conditions are used to tell CloudFormation when a certain action in your stack has completed.

This can be useful for things like setting up an Auto Scaling Group, or creating a stack that needs to wait for a certain event to occur before it can start.

PRO TIP: AWS CloudFormation WaitConditionHandle is a resource that allows you to wait for a signal from a specified SNS topic before continuing the stack creation or update process. This is useful if you need to coordinate actions across multiple AWS resources or wait for a long-running operation to complete before proceeding. However, using AWS CloudFormation WaitConditionHandle can result in stack creation or update failures if not used correctly. For example, if you specify an incorrect SNS topic ARN or do not provide the required permissions to CloudFormation to access the SNS topic, then your stack will fail to create or update.

The WaitConditionHandle class provides a way to track the status of a wait condition, and to determine when the condition has been satisfied. This can be useful for things like ensuring that a certain task in your stack has completed before continuing with the rest of the stack, or for cancelling a stack if the wait condition doesn’t occur.

The WaitConditionHandle class also allows you to specify a timeout for the wait condition. If the wait condition hasn’t been satisfied by the time the timeout expires, the CloudFormation stack will cancel the operation and return a status code of FAIL.

The WaitConditionHandle class is available in the AWS :: CloudFormation :: Core library.

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