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What is DigitalOcean Portal?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 1:55 pm

DigitalOcean Portal is a web-based interface that helps administrators manage their DigitalOcean droplets. The interface includes a graphical overview of all the droplets in a given account, as well as detailed information about each droplet, such as its IP address, uptime, and status. Administrators can also create and manage droplets, add users, and manage security settings.

PRO TIP: The DigitalOcean Portal is a web-based control panel that enables you to manage your DigitalOcean account and resources. You can use the Portal to create and manage Droplets, Domains, DNS entries, and more. The Portal is designed for ease of use and can be accessed from any web browser.

The portal also includes a droplet search tool, which enables administrators to quickly find the droplets they are looking for. Finally, the portal provides access to a variety of administrative tools, such as droplet snapshots, droplet logs, and droplet performance reports.

Overall, DigitalOcean Portal is a valuable tool for administrators who need to manage their DigitalOcean droplets quickly and easily. The interface is easy to use and navigate, and the wide variety of tools and features available makes it a valuable resource for any administrator.

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