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What is DNSSEC Namecheap?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 7:05 pm

DNSSEC is an acronym for DNS Security Extensions. It is a set of standards for adding security to the DNS protocol.

DNSSEC provides a way to verify the identity of a DNS server, to protect the contents of DNS responses, and to encrypt DNS data.

Namecheap is a leading DNS provider with DNSSEC support. We offer both our own DNS service as well as DNS hosting and domain management services.

PRO TIP: DNSSEC is a security protocol that helps protect your website from DNS spoofing. However, it is important to note that DNSSEC is not a perfect solution and can still be vulnerable to attack. If you are using DNSSEC, it is important to keep your DNS records secure and up to date.

Our DNSSEC implementation is based on the DNSSEC Root Zone Trust Anchor (TRTAnchor) specification.

DNSSEC provides several benefits over traditional DNS. First, it enables the protection of DNS data from attack.

DNSSEC can also help to ensure the accuracy of DNS responses. Finally, DNSSEC provides an encrypted link between the DNS server and the DNS client.

Overall, DNSSEC is a valuable security enhancement for the DNS protocol. Namecheap is proud to offer our customers DNSSEC support, and we hope that our implementation will help to further protect DNS data from attack.

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Madison Geldart

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