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What is Private IP in Linode?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 12:52 pm

Private IP addresses are created on a Linode system when you add a new Linode account. Private IP addresses allow you to access the Linode system from the outside world, but keep your data and traffic private.

PRO TIP: Private IP in Linode is a private network that is used to connect your Linode to other devices on your local network. This private network is not accessible from the Internet and is only used for communication between your Linode and other devices on your local network.

Private IP addresses are not visible to the public internet. Anyone on the outside world who tries to connect to your Linode system using a private IP address will be directed to the Linode system’s public IP address.

You can use a private IP address to run a server or application on your Linode system without worrying about the public internet potentially accessing your data or traffic. Private IP addresses are also great for protecting your system from being DDoSed.

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