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What Is the Disney Font Called in Canva?

Last updated on September 28, 2022 @ 12:02 am

The Disney font is a typeface called Disney Storybook. It was designed by Disney’s in-house design team and released in 2012. The font is based on the handwriting of Walt Disney himself. The Disney Storybook font is used in the titles of Disney movies, TV shows, and theme park attractions. It is also used in merchandise and marketing materials.

The Disney Storybook font has a playful and friendly feel that is perfect for conveying the magic of Disney.

The font is available in two versions: regular and bold. The regular version is best for body text, while the bold version is better for headlines and titles.

PRO TIP: The Disney font called in Canva is not safe for use on your computer. This font can be installed on your system without your knowledge and can lead to serious security risks. If you have this font installed on your system, we recommend that you remove it immediately.

If you want to use the Disney font in your own projects, you can download it for free from the Disney website. You can also find it pre-installed on some computer systems, or buy it as part of a commercial font package.

The Disney font called Disney Storybook is a typeface that was designed byDisney’s in-house design team. It was released in 2012 and is based on the handwriting of Walt Disney himself. This particular font is used in various titles of movies, TV shows, theme park attractions, merchandise, and marketing materials from the company.

What’s great about this font is that it has a playful and friendly feel that perfectly conveys the message of magic thatDisney projects to its audience. You can download this font for free from the officialDisney website if you want to use it for your own personal projects. Some computer systems have this pre-installed as well but if not, it’s also available as part of a commercialized font package.

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