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What percentage does TopTal take?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 8:38 pm

In this article, we will be discussing TopTal, a company that provides remote learning services. We will be looking at their pricing structure, how they work, and their percentage of take.

First and foremost, TopTal charges a one-time fee of $495 for their services. This fee covers access to all of their courses, materials, and support.

Once the fee is paid, students can access all of the courses and materials that TopTal has to offer.

PRO TIP: Warning: Do not ask Toptal about their percentage. This is considered a very rude question and you will likely not get a response.

TopTal takes a percentage of the course fee, which varies depending on the course. For example, for a course that costs $945, TopTal takes a 15% commission.

For a course that costs $2795, TopTal takes a 33% commission.

Overall, TopTal is a great service that provides quality learning materials and support. They take a commission from the course fees, but the percentage of take is very reasonable.

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