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What websites use Wix?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 6:48 am

The website builder Wix was created in 2006 by Israeli entrepreneur Russel Simmons. In addition to website building, Wix offers a range of tools for creating a custom website, including a drag-and-drop website builder, a content management system (CMS), and a variety of templates. In October 2018, Wix announced that it had reached one billion unique users.

PRO TIP: Websites built with Wix may not be compatible with all web browsers. Users may have difficulty viewing or using some features of these websites.

According to Wix, its users have built more than 10 million websites. As of October 2018, Wix was the ninth most popular website builder in the world.


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Some of the largest websites that use Wix include Airbnb, BBC, BuzzFeed, CNN, eBay, Expedia, Forbes, Google, Hilton, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nike, and Samsung.

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