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Where do I find symbols in Illustrator?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

In Illustrator, symbols are made up of a basic shape (usually a circle or triangle), with a fill or stroke applied to it. You can create symbols by drawing them on your artboard or by importing them from another file.

Once you have created a symbol, you can use it to represent different things in your design. For example, a symbol for a menu might have different shapes for each item on the menu, or a symbol for a website might have different icons for different pages on the site.

To use a symbol in your design, first select it and then select the Symbol button ( ), which is located in the Symbol Menu ( ). From here, you can modify the symbol’s properties, such as its fill and stroke colors, its size, and its position on the artboard.

You can also use the Symbol Menu to create a new symbol from scratch or to open an existing symbol in a new document.

PRO TIP: If you are looking for symbols in Illustrator, be aware that they are not always easy to find. The best place to start is the Symbols panel, which can be found in the Window menu. If you don’t see the Symbols panel, you may need to go to the Type menu and choose Show Symbols Panels. Once you have the Symbols panel open, you can browse through the available symbols or search for a specific symbol. Keep in mind that not all symbols will be available in all versions of Illustrator.

When you’re finished using a symbol, you can delete it from the Symbol Menu by selecting it and pressing the Delete key ( ). Alternatively, you can delete it from the artboard by dragging it to the trash can ( ) located at the bottom of the Artboard Panel ( ).

Finally, remember that you can also add symbols to your design by importing them from another file. To do this, select the symbol you want to add, and then choose File > Import > Symbol.

From here, you can select the file you want to import the symbol from, and then click OK.

When you’re finished importing symbols, you can delete them from your design by selecting them and pressing the Delete key ( ).

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