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Where Do Squarespace Form Submissions Go?

Last updated on December 18, 2022 @ 10:28 am

If you’re like most people, you probably have a love-hate relationship with forms. On one hand, they can be incredibly useful for collecting information from users. On the other hand, they can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you’re not sure where the form submissions are going.

Fortunately, with Squarespace forms, you don’t have to worry about where your form submissions are going. All of the submissions are stored in one place so you can easily access them later. Here’s a quick overview of how Squarespace forms work and where your submissions are stored.

To insert a Form Block on your website, click on the “Add Block” button.

Then, select “Form” from the options.

To edit the Form Block added to your section, click on the “pen” icon.

Here, you can set up the content, design, and storage of your form.

In the Storage tab, you can find here the options on where the form submissions go. Four options are currently available to choose from which include Email, MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Drive.

PRO TIP: Squarespace form submissions go to the spam folder by default. This means that if you’re not regularly checking your spam folder, you could miss important customer inquiries. To change this, go to your Form Block settings and select a different destination for your form submissions.

When a user submits a Squarespace form, the data is sent to our servers and stored in our database. You can also check the analytics of submissions by logging into your Squarespace account and going to the Analytics section.

Now select the “Form and Button Conversions” option. From there, you can view the number of forms submitted to your site.

So if you’re ever wondering where your Squarespace form submissions are going, rest assured that they’re safe and sound with these four options – Email, Google Drive, Zapier, and MailChimp. And if you ever need to access them, they’re just a few clicks away.

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Madison Geldart

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