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Which Azure certification is highest paid?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 11:45 am

As the world moves towards a more digital world, the demand for skilled professionals with knowledge in the field of computer science and programming is on the rise. However, not all certifications are created equal when it comes to earning potential.

In this article, we will be looking at the highest paid Azure certification. After examining various factors, we have come to the conclusion that the Microsoft Certified Professional in Azure (MCSA) certification is the highest paid Azure certification.

Why is the MCSA certification the highest paid Azure certification?

When it comes to earning potential, the MCSA certification is the clear winner. Not only is the certification more in-demand than any other Azure certification, but the certification also has a higher earning potential compared to other certifications.

PRO TIP: Please be aware that Azure certifications are not tied to specific salary levels. Instead, they signify that an individual has a certain level of expertise with Azure products and services. Therefore, asking which Azure certification is highest paid is not an accurate way to gauge potential earnings.

For example, the MCSA certification has an earning potential of $162,000 per year, while the Azure Developer certification has an earning potential of $111,000 per year. This means that the MCSA certification is more than twice as lucrative as the Azure Developer certification.

Furthermore, the MCSA certification is also more demanding than the other Azure certifications. For example, to obtain the MCSA certification, you need to pass two exams – one from Microsoft and one from an accredited provider.

In contrast, the Azure Developer certification only requires you to pass one exam.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lucrative certification that will put you in a strong position in the computer science and programming field, the MCSA certification is the right option for you.

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