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Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name?

Last updated on January 13, 2023 @ 5:16 am

Yes, you can change your Shopify store name. This can be done either through the Store settings page in your Shopify admin, or by contacting Shopify support and requesting a change.

If you change your store name, your domain name will also change. For example, if your store name is “Example Store” and you change it to “New Example Store”, your domain name will become “”.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering changing your Shopify store name:

PRO TIP: If you change your shopify store name, your customers will not be able to find you using the old name. Make sure to update your marketing materials and social media platforms with your new name to avoid losing customers.
  • Your new store name must be unique and not already in use by another Shopify store.
  • Your new store name can’t be longer than 255 characters.
  • If you have a custom domain name, you’ll need to update your DNS settings to point to your new Shopify domain.

Changing your store name can be a great way to refresh your brand or start fresh with a new look. If you have any questions about changing your store name, our support team would be happy to help.

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