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Can You Stretch Elements in Canva?

Last updated on December 3, 2022 @ 10:33 pm

Yes, you can stretch elements in Canva. This can be done by selecting the element and then dragging the handles that appear on the sides and corners. This can be useful for making a element fit better into your design, or for creating interesting visual effects.

PRO TIP: If you try to stretch an element in Canva, it may not look the way you expect it to. The element may become distorted or skewed.

To stretch a text box, for example, you would first click on it to select it. Then, you would hover your mouse over the side or corner of the text box until you see a double-arrow icon. Once you see this icon, you can click and drag it to stretch the text box.

You can also use the < b > and < u > tags to style text in HTML. The < b > tag will make text bold, while the < u > tag will underline it. You can use these tags to make your text stand out more or to emphasize certain words or phrases.

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