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Does Namecheap steal domains?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 6:12 pm

Namecheap is a domain name registrar that has been in business since 2001. According to their website, they have over 2 million domains registered.

They offer a variety of features and services, including a free domain name registration and renewal service, and a variety of domain name prices and plans.

PRO TIP: Namecheap has been known to steal domains from its customers. If you are considering using Namecheap to register your domain, be sure to do your research first and make sure that they are a reputable company.

In December of 2017, Namecheap was the subject of a controversy after it was reported that they were illegally stealing domains from other registrars. Namecheap was accused of stealing domains from GoDaddy,Google, and other registrars, and then registering them under their own name.

While there is no definitive answer as to whether or not Namecheap steals domains, it is clear that they are not following the standard domain name registration process. It is possible that they are stealing domains to gain an advantage in the market, and there is no telling how many domains they have stolen in total.

If you are concerned that your domain may have been stolen by Namecheap, you should contact them to inquire about the status of your domain.

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