78+ Drupal Themes and Templates You Should Be Considering

Last updated on April 23, 2021 @ 9:38 am

The Top Drupal Themes And Templates Collection

Whether you are new to Drupal or an experienced veteran, you will undoubtedly want to learn a little more about the hottest Drupal 7 (and later) themes. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most functional and feature-filled templates available to Drupal users. It is important to state that this is merely a small selection of the most diverse Drupal themes that we have come across. We made sure to include a host of varying theme styles to help make your decision easier. If there’s one thing that we love about Drupal themes, it’s that no two are the same even if they are similar.

We also invite you to check out our website builder comparison chart to learn more about other website creator options. And now, without further ado…

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With over 3000 happy Envato customers, dozens of unique features and elements, and more functions than we’ve had hot dinners, the Porto template is every inch the market leader, widely compatible for users of Drupal 7.39 and later, it comes complete with alternate aesthetic options (as well as being mobile responsive), and possibly best of all – it is jam-packed with unlimited skin color options.

That makes it ideal for branded purposes, personal needs and professional website developments alike. What’s more is that the RTL support is entirely free, and users will be joining a database of thousands of contributors that actively seek to enhance the general functionality of the Porto template. Did we mention that there are eCommerce features, too? What a winner!

Porto - Ultimate Drupal 7 Theme


To comment on the layout of Stack would do a disservice to the theme. This is because users can select from over 140 different modern designs, making the style of this template somewhat difficult to pinpoint. Stack uses box-style elements to created layered websites. It comes with 30 tailored niche site styles, all of which can be changed with ease. Also included are a variety of headers and footers, fuller customizable fonts and colors, and an exclusive parallax plugin that can add a kick to any site.


Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the best. The Simpler theme is proof that an uncomplicated design can also be highly functional and meaningful. Built on a bootstrap framework, the template is fully responsive and looks great on any device. We recommend this for anyone looking to create a business, personal, portfolio, or blog site, but it can truly be anything.


The financial industry is one where prestige matters, professionalism counts, and looks mean something. If you are still using the same website templates that you first purchased when you built your website in 2002, it may be time to consider something new. F&O is a slick and modern website that presents prospective clients with all the tools they need to learn more about you, as well as read about your services and even make an appointment. Choose from seven unique homepage layouts, unlimited colors, and premium modules that will make your website shine.


When you download the Alice theme, prepare to go down a rabbit hole of options and settings that can turn your site into anything you can imagine. Whether you run a business, have a portfolio site, are a professional blogger, or even own an online store, this template is diverse enough to cover it all. There are 14 different homepage layouts to choose from, unlimited color styles, a mega slider, a timeline, parallax background, and a fully responsive design. If that’s not enough, 4coding offers 24/7 support, ensuring you’ll never be stuck trying to troubleshoot problems.


Based on Google’s Material Design approach, xPlus is a business-oriented theme that offers users a feeling of familiarity. The modern feel is perfect for any company trying to convey that they are on the cutting edge of their industry. The template is fully responsive so it can be accessed by potential clients on any device. Choose from one- or multi-page site designs, numerous headers and footers, 100+ content blocks, galleries, portfolios,  and a seemingly endless list of other options.


The Canna Drupal theme is flexible and dynamic enough to serve all functions, yet customizable and responsive enough to feel personal. Built on the Webflow drag-and-drop content management system, Canna offers impressive animations, Google fonts, video backgrounds, and touch sliders, all in a template that is extremely easy to edit. Because it is built on a Bootstrap grid framework, it will also look great on any device.


Thanks to its diversity of themes and the growing of niche businesses on the platform, Drupal offers something for everyone. The Edubiz template serves as proof of this, enabling educational services to create a highly customizable theme that will aid them in putting their best foot forward. The theme makes use of a modern and responsive parallax frontend and a backend that allows users to register and maintain an account on your site.


The Envas multipurpose template can be used for just about anything, but it is built with business in mind. Featuring everything a client – or potential client – might look for in a site, you will be sure to inspire confidence with a meaningful user experience and the ability to add content that goes beyond the basic. The theme takes advantage of a responsive HTML5 backend, with a flat design frontend with nine homepage layouts to choose from, five navigation styles, and fully customizable everything (including 404 page).


If you are ready to take your blog to the next level, then TheMAG might be the right theme for you. Featuring an easy to use navigation bar, users can view your various pages, peak into your archives, and even see your highlighted features. An Editor’s Picks section on the front page will help you get eyes on the things you want your users to see most, and with three different post layouts, you can set the tone of your latest post quickly and visually. Featuring a drag-and-drop builder, fully customizable color scheme, and an unlimited number of home page layouts, TheMAG will elevate your content.


On the internet content is king, and the Kama Drupal template highlights an abundance of mediums that you can post to get your name out there. From blogs to long-form articles, photography, and video, there is nothing Kama can’t handle. This modern and multipurpose theme offers users a simple to use drag-and-drop builder that takes the guesswork out of coding. Adding sliders, custom colors, and even Ajax elements is a cinch and should build your readership in no time.


A trend that we are seeing more and more of is templates that are willing to take risks and be different. It is completely understandable that companies want to maximize their theme’s appeal, but it’s always nice to see something as unique as Waldo. This Drupal 8 theme is built with HTML5 and CSS3. It is fully responsive, easy to customize, and contains everything you need to create an impressive and fully functional portfolio site.


To some, the fact that Amazon has entered the supermarket industry means game over. Other see it as a challenge and are working to take the internet giant head on with templates like Oraniz. Build with food in mind, the theme is designed to handle everything you might use it for with a drag-and-drop page builder, a fully responsive design, Uber cart, 12 color schemes, and full website customizability.


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably pretty sick of seeing the word minimalist in every theme description – especially for designs that are decidedly not so! The Minimal Drupal template is designed for those looking for a design that truly employs the principles of minimal aesthetics. With an astounding 129 pages, 4000+ icons, 70 components, and tons of other user-configurable options available, the design is the only thing that’s pared down.


We are truly in the era of high definition. Where once the internet was comprised of small and grainy thumbnail images, the best websites display their wares using beautiful HD imagery. If you are looking to get on board with the trend, consider the Eastern theme. Designed for agencies, freelancers, and businesses, this one-page template offers a unique design and the modern capabilities you would expect, including parallax scrolling and smooth animations.


Looking to get into writing online but are unsure if you want to start a magazine or a blog? Why not both? The MagBlog template looks and reads like a high-end magazine, but it appropriate for the content generally found in blogs. This is achieved via customizable colors, background, and fonts, in addition to full responsiveness, page templates, ad space, and a commenting feature.


There is something about yellow and black, isn’t there? It exists all around us in nature and countless companies have used the combination to create beautiful products. The Lemoni theme takes this one step further with a design that is modern, unique, and pleasing to the eye. It includes seven different homepage styles, home sliders, portfolio pages, blog pages, shop pages, and color options… Of course, you don’t actually want to change these colors, do you?


Are you looking for a bright and bold theme for your food service business? Look no further than Cooker! With a color scheme that packs a punch, customers are sure to leave your page with a lasting impression. The theme features easy slider management, dynamic product displays, a payment API, tax and VAT support, and everything else your restaurant, pub, cafe, or bistro may need.


Bluez is a great template for when you want your corporation to be taken seriously while still showing off a bit of flare. The clean design is perfect for telling your visitors exactly who you are and what you do, in addition to sharing a portfolio and maintaining a blog that updates on the homepage automatically. An image carousel highlights your mission statement and can be customized with corporate imagery. The theme has a fixed width of 960px and takes advantage of a two column layout. It is completely compliant with Drupal standards and highly customizable.


Just because you work in a blue-collar field, doesn’t mean you can’t provide a professional experience to your clients. BizSpeak does away with preconceived notions and offers professionals working in an industrial field a solution that gives an aura of professionalism to any business. Practical and aesthetic, the template puts your most important information, namely your contact information and operating hours, front and center on the header. Users can easily navigate any of the four available layout options with an easy-to- use menu bar and search feature.


Although the Elon Drupal theme appears simple at first glance, it is actually a highly creative and customizable theme within. Built using HTML5, the template includes 20 different homepages, 118 inner pages which can be used for everything from contact forms to FAQs, and a responsive layout. With features like these, Elon can meet the needs of businesses of all kinds.


If you are looking for a powerful theme that puts you in control of a range of options, Debut might just be for you. With the ability to function as a single- or a multi-page website, the template includes more than 11 different home pages, five different footers, and over 60 pre-designed pages like Home, About, Contact, and Blog. Although Debut is designed for corporate sites, its just-generic-enough design makes it usable for nearly everything.


Expertise is difficult to convey without an effective website template. The Experts theme was designed to inspire potential clients, offering everything you need to describe your business, add a portfolio of your work, create blog content, and even function as an eCommerce store. Built with a grid and block layout, the template is extremely easy to configure and includes 170 different block options to help your business stand out.


More and more, businesses not typically associated with an online presence are looking for one. One field, in particular, has seen this more than any other. Construction websites have seen a surge of late, and many website theme designers have taken note. The Nah template stands out for its simplicity, drag and drop site builder, and parallax features that not only create a great website but also elevate the profession as a whole.


As the internet becomes more refined, single-page websites are gaining popularity. The Bobby Drupal theme enables businesses to hop aboard this trend with a template that is beautiful, fast moving, and easily customizable. Users can define each section of their page, with custom block types, as well as native content types, views, regions and taxonomy. The theme also includes over 630 icons to help you get started.


The Mount theme is a great demonstration of the power of the Drupal CMS platform. With over 20 homepage styles, 39 portfolio pages, more than 30 headers and footers, 29 blog pages, 13 shop pages, and wide, fixed, and dark styles, the theme can become anything you need it to be, making it suitable for anyone. With a responsive design and retina-readiness, the template should also be future-proof for years to come.


Pivot claims to offer the ultimate drag and drop Drupal theme, and we might just be convinced that’s true. Fully featured and multi-purpose, the theme offers a responsive design that is capable of handling your business, education, and agency websites. Using the paragraph builder, users can design landing pages that look and function exactly as they wish. To top it off, a built-in login feature can help you build a digital client base which you can serve exclusive or personalized content to.


Comely is a modern and professional website template that offers an attractive option for personal and business websites alike. Built with user experience in mind, not only does the site function well for your visitors, but setting it up is also a breeze. Using a unique theme control panel, users can select from many different options, including Block Builder, widgets, and hundreds of customization options.


The mechanic shop has gone from a greasy, dirty garage to a state of the art, bright and clean workspace. Your auto repair website deserves a similar facelift and the Mechanic Drupal theme is designed just for that. Featuring everything you need to convey your business to potential customers and even the ability to set up appointments directly from your page, this template is perfect for any shop looking for a 21st century boost.


Considered the closest rival to the Zen template, the Omega theme is a little better suited to those hoping to control the integral aspects of their website, without having to rely on the interface. The coding potential is second to none – in fact, the Omega theme allows users to customize literally every element of coding in a way that suits them.

Not only is it a coder’s dream, it’s also ideal for beginners too as the interface options aren’t completely ruled out If you are a beginner, however, then it might be a better idea to opt for a simpler theme; and one that doesn’t require a particular knowledge of coding to get started.

The Omega drupal 8


Now here’s a uniquely creative theme if ever we saw one. The Montreal theme combines the perfect blend of professionalism and creativity – being ideal for use as a portfolio, or when used to showcase a particular product or service. What made us enjoy it so much was its great aesthetic – an aesthetic that can be customized from the ground up, whilst being fully responsive. The developers didn’t lie when they branded this theme ‘creative’, and thanks to the built-in interactive potential – there’s not a single industry on the planet that couldn’t benefit.

What really makes this theme shine is its ability to outclass even the most notorious portfolio templates on the planet. Many people consider Drupal somewhat lacking in the portfolio department – but thanks to the Montreal theme, users everywhere can take advantage of the feature-filled potential without breaking their bank balance.

This theme is no longer available.

The Montreal Drupal Template


The Goodnex brand has been developing some of the most iconic templates for years now – none more so than the Goodnex premium. As far as responsive Drupal themes go, this template is definitely the cream of the crop. For greater savings, the theme features a Mega Slider with a value of $20 (included in the package), but for those that are fans of the more traditional Flex Slider – there’s no need to change your sliding habits either.

Although it’s powered by Drupal 7, there’s the added reinforcement of Skeleton to consider, and this is one of the only Drupal templates for latest versions that can also boast over 30 visual shortcodes. The support isn’t lacking either – in fact, the team at Goodnex are always on hand to assist, and with more documentation to help with technicalities than many other leading providers, is it any wonder why thousands entrust their development to the power of this theme? Check it out for yourself below.

Goodnex - Responsive Drupal 7 Theme


As the year draws to a close, we decided to take the advice of one of our audience members and check out the Nevia theme – a fully responsive template that suits online stores, portfolios, blogs and general websites. Boy, are we glad that we did, and Nevia definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re a fan of unique icons that compliment a particular theme or color scheme, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are over 360 to choose from.

The template is also retina ready (which we tested and found incredibly precise). Being compatible with all new versions of Drupal has its advantages – but Nevia hasn’t alienated older versions either, making it ideal for fans of the whole ‘drag and drop’ website design approach. Throw in the responsive layout as briefly mentioned above and you won’t just have a theme that gets the job done – you have a template that does it in style.

The Nevia Theme drupal 7


Possibly the most popular Drupal theme of 2015 – the Zen theme is used and trusted by thousands of users around the world – and it’s clear to see why. Not only is it responsive and SEO ready – it’s also very affordable, boasts an incredible array of features and is ideal for HTML5 users and programmers. CSS, PHP, and Sass coders aren’t alienated either, as the theme can be managed with any of these systems – making it even easier to personalize your site whatever your digital background.


Multipurpose Zymphonies

The Zymphonies theme comes in two types – the first being standard and the second being multipurpose. It’s a free theme that prioritizes accessibility for users of all levels, and where it really shines is in its customization potential. The theme itself is versatile enough to be used for individual needs – but a much better use would be when utilized for professional services and businesses.

There are several layouts that can be personalized – or you could simply take the elements that you like the most and then customize the rest via the HTML5 and CSS coding features. All in all, it’s a great theme for advanced users to really demonstrate their level of expertise – but it’s more than capable of growing with the user too.

Multipurpose Zymphonies Theme

Citilights Real Estate

Is there anything more important that emanating a professional atmosphere when your services relate to property and real estate? The Citilights theme does exactly this and much more – and it’s ideal for those within the property industry hoping to make an impact online. It’s 100% responsive, offers 3 homepage styles to choose from, allows users to select a preference between dark and light aesthetics and boasts a whole host more, too. Achieving top-tier aesthetics has never been easier.

The Citilights Real Estate Theme


Another industry-specific theme now with the Medicom template – and it’s no less effective than the Citilights mentioned above. As expected, it’s responsive and comes complete with an assortment of layout designs and styles. The premium MD slider comes as standard with your purchase of the template, and it’s entirely compatible with both HTML and CSS coding for added versatility. Considering the affordable price, this template is a bargain and could benefit medical practitioners and professional establishments alike.

The Medicom Drupal 7 Template


As far as single page Drupal themes go, it can be a daunting task to source one that offers a variety of functions and features to suit your needs. Fortunately, the Fiora theme is so versatile that it caters to an incredible variety of niches and preferences, thanks to its HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility, its social media-friendly layout, the built in Drupal eCommerce store, and much more. There are even multipage options available – just in case, the single page layout isn’t up your street.

Fiora One Page Theme


By purchasing this theme, you’ll be getting a lot more than a seafood sounding template – you’ll be obtaining a fully functional, responsive theme that fits photography and creative niches like a glove to a hand. Considering the sheer functionality, the low price is definitely something to pay attention to, and with options to showcase your talents or to promote a particular event or activity – the possibilities are almost endless. Now featuring advanced CSS3 options for more experienced users, too.

The Oyster


Now here’s a Drupal template for even the most inexperienced CSS and HTML coders on the planet. The Glazed theme requires zero coding knowledge whatsoever, meaning that anyone can tackle the theme and create a great looking website in no time at all. As a drag and drop builder, it’s easy to personalize your website without delay, and thanks to the CSS potential included, it’s simple to implement dynamic features that can really captivate attention.

The Glazed Theme

TB Uber

If you’re in need of a versatile Drupal theme that provides the framework for even the most page-filled website imaginable, then you won’t go wrong with the TB Uber template. With options to customize each and every page (from the home page, all the way to the contact page), the possibilities are almost limitless. The theme is multi-purpose too, allowing it to suit a variety of niches, and it is also fully responsive to suit every device.

TB Uber Template

Responsive Green

There is nothing more professional than two people shaking hands. And while you don’t have to keep the default theme image on your personal website, it certainly conveys a professional image — along with the rest of the Responsive Green theme. Designed for simplicity, Responsive Green gets straight to the point with social sharing buttons, a menu bar, an image carousel, and your latest content additions. This professional responsive theme will instill confidence in all of your site visitors.


The InnoCompany template stands for ‘innovative company’, and it’s the ideal foundation for any aspiring startup hoping to make a name for themselves online. Not only is it both HTML and CSS programmable, it’s also multipurpose and can suit any particular industry or niche. As an added bonus, users can choose from no fewer than 500 Google fonts – plus a whole host of onboard features that can take customizing your website to an entirely different level.

The InnoCompany Business Theme


Featuring Drupal 7 technologies, Bootstrap functionality and over 80 unique user interface elements to enjoy – the Progressive theme is every inch as varied as it is easy to navigate. It’s also responsive and retina ready – making it easy for audiences of all types, and with options for multi-page and single page layouts; it’s never been easier to personalize a website from the ground up. As if that wasn’t enough, users will get to choose from a variety of visual shortcodes and mega slider features, too.

The Progressive - Responsive Multipurpose Drupal 7 Template


Here’s a look at one of the most groundbreaking real estate templates available to Drupal users – the Realia. It’s fast, smooth and can be programmed effortlessly, and with easy content editing features make specifically for Drupal – it’s friendly enough to be used by coders of all skill levels. The retina-ready display provides an incredibly crisp appearance on all devices, and with a range of color schemes, backgrounds and headers to choose from – the template could well be a viable solution for all real estate website requirements.



Whether you’re an affiliate, a promoter, or a review business in general – the BizReview theme steps up to the mark to offer Drupal users of all calibers a viable way to get their message across. There’s a built-in review system for website viewers to share their thoughts, over 20 different map layers if geo-locations are your thing, and unlimited categories to choose from. With a customizable layout and color scheme – this theme is a winner in anyone’s book.

BizReview Directory Listings Layout


Here’s a theme that does exactly what its name suggests. The Antoni Photographer template is great for those with expertise behind a lens, as well as anyone with a portfolio of work that they’d like to showcase. It’s fully responsive and is moderately priced as far as Drupal themes are concerned, and where it really shines is in its fully responsive layout that can reshape itself to suit any mobile device or tablet.

The Antoni Photographer Theme


Another creative template right now, and this time it’s aptly named the Fashion theme. It’s stunningly dark and captivating and comes complete with the demo images, fonts, and navigation. On the topic of navigation – you might struggle to see the header with the color scheme used in the demo, but thanks to the HTML coding capabilities; modifying these elements is as easy as replacing the main image and adjusting the fonts for every single slide.

Inspiring Fashion Template


Now, this is a light-hearted theme that will speak volumes for fun, exciting businesses and service providers. The overall layout relates to squares, as the name might demonstrate. Even the navigation comprises colored squares – but this isn’t a bad thing, especially if you enjoy colors and vibrant layouts. This template might not be suited to professional organizations, but it would make one hell of a portfolio layout to suit photographers, designers, and even amateur musicians.

The Square Theme


If you have a product or service and want to make sure that it gets the attention that it deserves, then take a look at the Spotlight theme. It’s the right amount of fun, creativity, and professionalism – and it’s also one of the most fairly priced Drupal themes that we’ve come across, so that’s another reason to give it a shot. Throw in responsiveness and you have a top-notch template that emanates creative juices.

The Captivating Spotlight Template


We’re not sure if it’s the G-Rider or the Grider, but either way, it looks fantastic. This template would be amazing when used to portray interior design skills and services. The navigation is very straightforward and neatly positioned, and there’s plenty of room for a focal image to ensure that your featured products are in the spotlight. All that you’ll need to do is customize your font and color scheme and the rest will work wonders.



Whether you run your own creative design agency, or if you have a client in need of something that emanates creativity – take a look at the Proma theme for Drupal. It’s elegant, stylish and makes the most of the spacious layout without even trying. You won’t need to modify the images as they are all friendly and professional in equal measure, but the HTML compatibility makes it easy to customize.

Proma Theme


Whether you work outdoors, offer professional services, or simply enjoy a fantastic layout – you won’t go wrong with the Converge template. It’s passionate, captivating and engaging all at the same time. The demo showcases 6 pages, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t duplicate to your heart’s content and design something truly magical. The images are replaceable too, and the fonts can be adjusted to better reflect your color scheme – plus its mobile responsive as well.



Stylish, elegant and beautiful are just a few words that spring to mind when we look at the Concept theme, and we’re sure that you’ll agree. The gentle gradient used in the demo shot really maximizes the effectiveness of the layout, and if you’re hoping for a simple template that oozes professional services in a minimalistic way, this could well be the one for you. Throw in optional Twitter Bootstrap and you’re onto a winner.



The Perspective template took the design world by storm when it was first released – and not just because of the fact that the standard license includes unlimited skins. That in itself is pretty impressive, so when you throw in the mobile responsive layout, the easily modified fonts and the naturalistic navigation bar – you have a template that is as functional as it is beneficial to any business or professional organization. Check it out today.

New Perspective Drupal 7 theme


Okay, so now we have a theme that is stylish, aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize. The Smooth theme is much more than a template – it’s the foundation that aspiring musicians, photographers, professional designers and service providers have been looking for. It’s not your everyday multipurpose theme either, in fact, it would suit specialist industries as much as personal blogs and forums too, so check it out – it’s now available to download for all Drupal users.

The Smooth - Drupal 6 Theme


Speaking of themes that could suit a variety of niches, the Blocks theme does exactly that. It won’t matter if you’re a photographer, a chef, or an outdoor enthusiast – all that you’ll need is a bit of HTML knowledge and creativity, and the rest will work for itself. The background image is easy to replace, keeping your industry in focus, which makes it even easier for you to concentrate on what you truly do best.

blocks drupal design


Now this template might not be for everyone – actually, it might be better suited to musicians and online music platforms in general, but boy would it be effective in these roles. It’s a free theme, making it a no-brainer to at least give it a shot. It’s an option to feature your 5 favorite music videos or movie clips, and with options to extend the navigation, there aren’t many themes out there that are so easily navigated.

Selecta Template


We’re not quite sure how to take this theme. It’s fun and exciting – but it does lack a little in the visual department. That’s completely acceptable if you prefer a speedy website that minimizes loading times in favor of textual content, and as the social media icons are prominent enough to be appreciated on all screen sizes; your audience will want more to do with you than ever before. Color schemes are also customizable, too.


Showcasing your special talents has never been easier; especially if you opt to choose the FontFolio theme. It offers the ideal blend of friendly colors, enjoyable navigation, and pleasing formatting. Your images will be easy to see on all devices thanks to the template’s mobile responsiveness. The fonts are also simple to modify (as the name of the theme would suggest), and there really isn’t anything negative to say if you’re after a stylish theme.


Responsive Blog

Here’s another no-brainer in the form of the Responsive Blog theme. Its pleasant layout is complemented by the option to add a donation section to the page – but with a little HTML expertise, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be adjusted to promote a particular service or product. As visual as the blog may be, there’s still more than enough room to implement your own text and content areas to assist with your blogging activities.

The Responsive Blog Template


Thousands of aspiring photographers and artists turn to the web to showcase their talents, and the MD-foto theme makes it completely unnecessary to have to take advantage of social media platforms to get your name out there. From the home page to the photos page – it’s never been easier to demonstrate your talents in a stylish and compelling way. It is eCommerce compatible too, for those of you hoping to sell your talents online.

md foto portfolio


Forget the awesome little robots that appear on the demo – the layout of this theme is what really caught our attention. It is techy and informative, with plenty of space to organize the content of your website in minimal time. The header bar is nice and large, with a clearly defined area that stands out from the layout below. The possibilities of this theme are almost endless – although tech sites are better suited.

Touchpro Template

Omega Kickstart

What list could walk around with its head held high without mentioning a fully functional eCommerce theme? Whether you sell handmade goods, apparel, or anything in between – the Omega Kickstart template is definitely worth thinking About. The main layout allows designers to feature a particular service or product and the lower boxes are a great way to promote a specific bonus or sale – and the navigation bar is also great with its split section.

The Omega Kickstart Theme


Who doesn’t love a bit of black and white? Not only does the Andromeda theme feature these colors – it does so with a few unique aesthetics. The shadow under the main image is the first example, and the flat, stylish icons underneath are the second. The site itself is less About bombarding an audience with text and imagery – and more about getting a message across, be it products, services, or even news articles.


Corked Screwer

Here’s an industry-specific theme for you, and it’s one of the most captivating that we’ve ever come across. The Corked Screwer would be an ideal framework for any vineyard, restaurant, or general wine sales services. The imagery can be re-used under a free license, but you can always modify these photos to others that are more specific to your products if needed. Considering the mobile responsiveness features as standard; you have a great free template.

The Corked Screwer


Bloggers, creatives and professional businesses unite – the Hatch theme has arrived to cater to your stylish requirements without having to spend a single cent. This theme would suit so many different purposes that it’s a challenge to identify anyone or two. Where it really shines is in its multiple device responsiveness – and when you consider just how expansive and spacious the layout is, there aren’t many industries that couldn’t benefit from its uniqueness.



This is a clean, elegant and modern theme that is suitable for all sorts of handyman services such as plumbing, carpentry, maintenance, architecture, construction, welding, logistics, welding, moving, mechanic and electricity. Its main key features include HTML5, five skins to choose from, advanced options from the support team, a portfolio page and 100% responsiveness.

POWERMAN - Handyman Services Drupal Theme


This multipurpose theme successfully integrates eCommerce with Drupal commerce. Its main components include various types of products, management of stock, product reviews, shopping carts and various product features. Additionally, it comes with various currencies for online shopping and uses the European Central Bank for the conversion of the various currencies. With this theme, several payment options are offered such as PayPal, Visa Card or Master Card among others.

Mail chimp integration also comes with the theme and uses a Mail chimp sign up box for the handling of newsletters. This theme combines a design which is modern, minimalist, clean and comes with a combination of special features which are ready to use to make a complete homepage, sales products, and several headers.



If you are looking for a clean Drupal theme which has 100% retina readiness, efficient and effective which is suitable for services such as bicycle, transport, freelancing, construction, and farming, then this is most certainly the theme for you. It’s special features happen to be the ones that you need such as Twitter feeds, fully valid CSS3 and HTML, Google Web fonts as well as fast and easy documentation.



This is a professional, clean and modern theme that is specially designed for use in educational institutions such as universities, colleges, training, e-learning and schools. It comes with modules which aid the addition of more functionality to your educational website. It has special features such as the compatibility with different browsers, customized options for setting get up online courses. In addition to that, it also facilitates the convenient scheduling and management of events by displaying a complete list of events of 1 page in any one of several styles. This makes it easier for site visitors to promptly find the information they require.



If you are a business owner looking to showcase your business neatly to your customers or clients then you are recommended to use this theme because of its high flexibility, resizability and customer support. It comes with 4 different sliders to choose from, 10 predefined colors, excellent video background and a parallax effect to mention a few.

Ultra Premium Business Drupal Theme

WS Garden

This modern gardening template has been hard coded with the Bootstrap Framework. It is not only sleek and exudes class, but is also quick to customize (ideally with the 1170px grid). It is mainly for garden-related websites such as landscaping, lawn, ecology, agriculture, and construction to mention a few.

This theme allows you to build single and multiple gallery pages, blog lists of full width, well-customized pages, creative multiple color schemes, excellent maintenance modes and a layout with wide boxes. Some of its key features include 5 landing page layouts, customized templates for blogs, over 40 HTML5 templates and a well responsive layout design.

WS Garden


If you happen to be looking for a Drupal theme that has full retina-readiness, highly professional, quick to use for business, renovation, electricity, and construction purposes then this template is just right for you. It has many unique features which include an unlimited number of colors, proper documentation and professional 24/7 support for quick responses to any queries and concerns you may have. Although the template does not have a lot of previous sales, we do recommend it.

Ausart drupal


This is a creative template which is highly suitable for any corporation, design company or portfolio for freelancers. It is well preferred by developers because of the fact that it is quite simple and very powerful. It comes with very effective and efficient business tools that are 100% user-friendly, supports the revision of entities, and facilitate custom marker and several addresses, row, column and animation settings. Its main features include a Drag and Drop Builder and a marker icon among others.Aklas - Clean Drupal 8 template


Trizzy is a multi-purpose template that you can use to create any type of website or online store. It manages to get the balance right between useful features and an uncluttered, modern design. It’s easy to install and offers you two options to get started: business and shop. Once you’ve made your decision you can drag-and-drop elements to create your website without any knowledge of coding. The theme is fully responsive and compatible with Drupal 7++.

eCommerce Drupal Theme

BigC Shop

If you’re starting a new business and you want to create your online store using Drupal, this template is ideal. It’s easy to customize and comes with a number of handy features that deliver a smooth online shopping experience to your users. With seven homepage themes, five header styles and three footer styles you can create an attractive eCommerce or business site. Even if you’ve never typed a line of code, you can use the shortcodes included with the template to add elements to your site in seconds.

BigC Shop


Are you ready to take the plunge and start your own eCommerce store, business website or blog? Wego is a great template to get you started. It offers you tons of customization with six Home pages, 10 Drupal Commerce pages, 14 Portfolio Layouts and 6 Blog pages. And with the Revolution Slider, you can create your own custom sliders to give your site a polished look. This template is fully responsive and designed to load quickly. Plus you’ll get shortcodes and SEO support to manage your site with ease.

Wego drupal 7


As the name suggest, this template is designed for political and non-profit organizations. That means you’ll find all the relevant pages you need such as Calendar pages, Blog pages, Media pages and more. With three different Home pages, a wide variety of colors and more than 600 Google fonts, you’ll have no trouble creating a unique and striking website. Fully responsive, retina ready and supported across all browsers, this template can be installed with one click and loads quickly.

Candidate template drupal

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  1. Edward King

    I was actually a little annoyed that my favorite Drupal theme wasn’t mentioned at first, until I saw it at the bottom of the page. I get that the list isn’t in order, but I’d love to see the Zymphonies template moved up a few slots!

  2. Meredith C. Ursun

    Zymphonies is only ‘okay’ in my book. When I first used it, I spent more time chatting to the customer care team than I did designing with the theme. Thankfully they’ve updated the bugs that I was facing, but in that time I got used to using the Omega and that’s now my firm favorite. Before that I was using the Zen which is quite similar, but the Omega won through for me as it offers a little more control over its unique features.

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