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How do I add Google reviews to Squarespace?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 11:11 pm

If you’re looking to get more reviews for your Squarespace site, adding Google reviews is a great way to go. There are a few easy steps you can take to add Google reviews to your Squarespace site:

1. Log into your Squarespace account.

2. Go to the “Settings” page.

3. Under “Reviews & Ratings,” click on “Add a Review.”

4. Enter your site’s name, contact info, and review text, and click “Submit.”

5. Google will review your review and add it to your site’s Google search results.

PRO TIP: If you are considering adding Google reviews to your Squarespace website, be aware that there are some potential risks involved. Google reviews are public, and anyone can leave a review, whether they have actually used your product or service or not. This means that you could receive negative reviews from people who have never even been your customers. Additionally, Google reviews can be manipulated by businesses paying for fake positive reviews, which could lead to unfair competition.
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Madison Geldart

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