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How do I backup my entire WordPress site?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 11:44 pm

Backup your WordPress site as a whole

To backup your entire WordPress site, you can use the built-in backup plugin or a third-party plugin. The built-in backup plugin creates a backup of your site as it is currently configured, while a third-party plugin can backup your site in different ways, including full backup and incremental backup.

To backup your site using the built-in backup plugin, go to your WordPress site’s main menu and click on the “Backup” button. In the Backup settings page, you can choose to back up your site to a local storage or a remote storage service.

PRO TIP: Backing up your WordPress site is an important step in maintaining your site. There are many methods of backing up your site, but it is important to choose a method that is reliable and easy to use. There are many WordPress backup plugins available, but it is important to choose one that is compatible with your version of WordPress. Many backup plugins will create a .zip file of your entire site, which can be downloaded and stored on your computer.

If you want to backup your site using a third-party plugin, you can find many of them on the WordPress plugin repository.

Once you have made your backup, you should make sure that you have a copy of your site in case something happens to the original. You can upload the backup to a different server, or store it on a removable media, like a USB drive.

Finally, make sure to make a note of the backup URL so that you can restore your site if needed.

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