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How do I change the sorting order in WooCommerce?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 10:35 pm

When you sort products in WooCommerce, you can change the order in which they are displayed on your front-end. This can be helpful if you want to organize your products in a particular way, or if you have a lot of products and want to make sure that they all appear in the same order.

To change the sorting order in WooCommerce:

1. Open the WooCommerce admin area.

2. Click on the “Products” tab.

3. Select the product or products you want to change the sorting order for.

4. Click on the “Sorting” tab.

5. Select the sorting order you want to use.

6. Click on the “Update” button.

PRO TIP: If you are using WooCommerce to sell products on your WordPress site, you may want to change the default sorting order of your products. By default, WooCommerce sorts products by popularity (ie. the number of sales), but you can also sort them by price, alphabetically, or by date.

However, changing the sorting order can have a significant impact on your store, so it’s important to understand how it works before making any changes.

When you change the sorting order, it will only affect the products that are currently visible on the page. So, if you have products on multiple pages, they will all be sorted according to the new setting. This could cause confusion for customers if they are expecting to see the products in a different order when they click on a different page.

Additionally, changing the sorting order can affect how your products are displayed in search results. If you change the sorting order of your products and then someone searches for one of them, it may not appear in the search results in the same order as it does on your site. This could impact your traffic and sales negatively, so it’s something to keep in mind before making any changes.

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