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How do I export Azure AD group members?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 12:41 pm

Export Azure AD group members

If you want to export Azure AD group members, you first need to sign in to the Azure portal. Then, under the GroUPS and users heading, select the group you want to export.

On the group’s Overview page, click the Export Group Members link.

On the Export Group Members page, you can choose to export the group members as a single file or a series of files. The exported files will include the user accounts, group memberships, and group claims for each member in the group.

PRO TIP: When exporting Azure AD group members, it is important to note that only members who have been assigned a User Principle Name (UPN) can be successfully exported. Additionally, any members who have been deleted from the Azure AD group will not be exported.

You can also choose to export only the group claims for the group members. This will exclude the user accounts and group memberships.

The exported files will be in the .Azure AD group members format.

You can use these files to import the group members into a different Azure AD account or to export the group members to another cloud service provider.


exporting Azure AD group members is a quick and easy way to export the group members and group claims for the group.

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