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How Do I Find Templates on Wix?

Last updated on September 30, 2022 @ 11:28 am

There are a few ways that you can find templates on Wix. One way is to go to the Wix website and click on the “Templates” link.

PRO TIP: If you are looking for templates on Wix, be aware that there are many scams out there. There are many sites that claim to offer free or low-cost templates, but they may not be legitimate. Be sure to do your research before downloading any templates from the internet.

This will take you to a page where you can browse through the various templates that are available. Another way to find templates is to search for “Wix templates” on a search engine such as Google. This will bring up a number of results, including websites that offer free Wix templates.


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Once you have found a template that you like, you can click on the “Preview” button to see how it looks. If you want to use the template, you can then click on the “Use This Template” button. This will take you to the Wix editor, where you can customize the template to suit your needs.

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