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How Do I Fix Line Spacing in Squarespace?

Last updated on December 27, 2022 @ 6:09 pm

Line spacing is an important part of web design and Squarespace makes it easy to control. To fix line spacing in Squarespace, simply add the following code to your CSS file:

p {
line-height: 1.5em; 

This will change the line spacing of all paragraphs on your Squarespace site to 1.5em, which is a good starting point. You can adjust this value as needed to create the perfect amount of space between lines of text.

PRO TIP: This article provides instructions on how to fix line spacing in Squarespace. However, it is important to note that making changes to your line spacing can affect the overall look and feel of your site. Be sure to test your changes before publishing them to your live site.
Madison Geldart

Madison Geldart

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