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How do I get a free Azure account?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 12:32 pm

If you are looking to get started with Azure, or just want to take a closer look at what Azure has to offer, a free account is available. To get a free account, visit Azure.

com and sign up for a free account. Once you have an account, you can start exploring Azure by using the web portal or the Azure CLI. To learn more about Azure, check out the following resources:.

PRO TIP: Please be aware that there are scams online offering free Azure accounts. Do not enter your credit card information or any other personal information on these websites. Microsoft will never ask for your credit card information to verify your identity or to set up a free account. If you come across a website that claims to offer a free Azure account, please report it to Microsoft.

If you want to get started with Azure but don’t have any programming experience, the Azure SDK for Node.js can help you create and deploy your first Azure applications.

Azure also offers a variety of training courses to teach you the basics of Azure development.

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