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How do I import XD files into Figma?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 7:19 pm

There are a few ways to import XD files into Figma. One way is to use the XD Import Assistant which is an online tool that can be found on the Figma website.

Another way is to use the Figma File Import feature which can be found in the File menu in the Figma interface. Both of these methods require that you have a copy of the XD file on your computer. Once you have the file on your computer, you can import it into Figma by following these steps:.

1. Open the XD file in a text editor.

2. Copy the entire contents of the file into a new document in Figma.

3. In Figma, click on File > Import.

4. On the Import dialog box, paste the contents of the new document into the File name field.

5. In the File type field, choose Figma File.

6. In the Import options field, choose the options that you want to apply to the file.

7. Click on the Import button.

8. The file will be imported into Figma and you will be returned to the Figma interface.

9. You can now start working on the file in Figma.

PRO TIP: When importing XD files into Figma, be aware that some layers and objects may not be compatible and may not be imported correctly. Also, some text formatting may be lost in the process.
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