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How do I insert an arrow in Illustrator?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 6:57 pm

Illustrator is a vector graphic design program that allows users to create images and illustrations. One of the most common tasks in Illustrator is inserting arrows.

This article will show you how to insert an arrow in Illustrator.

PRO TIP: When inserting an arrow in Illustrator, be aware that the default settings may not be suitable for your needs. The default arrowhead size is too large for most purposes, so you’ll likely want to adjust the size setting before inserting your arrow. Additionally, the default arrowhead style is not very noticeable, so you may want to select a different style from the options provided.

To insert an arrow in Illustrator, first select the outline of the arrow you want to insert. You can do this by selecting the path or shape with the Selection tool (V), or by using the Direct Selection tool (A). Next, click on the arrow in the layers panel to select it.

Finally, click on the Insert menu and select Arrow from the list. Illustrator will insert the arrow in the selected location.

If you want to change the size, position, or shape of the arrow, you can do so by using the various tools in Illustrator. For example, you can use the Move tool (M) to move the arrow around, the Rotate tool (R) to rotate it, or the Scale tool (S) to change its size.

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