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How Do I Make Text Vertical in Photoshop?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 4:21 pm

Photoshop is a widely used program for creating and editing graphics. You may want to style text vertically in Photoshop for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re creating a graphic for a website or document that will be viewed on a screen, and you want the text to be easy to read.

Or perhaps you’re making a poster or sign and you want the text to stand out. Whatever your reason, vertical text can be created in Photoshop with just a few clicks.

PRO TIP: If you are not familiar with Photoshop, it is best to avoid using this feature as it can result in distorted text.

To create vertical text in Photoshop, open the program and create a new document. Then, select the “Type” tool from the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Click anywhere on your document to create a text box, then type in your text. To make the text vertical, click on the “Character” panel, which is located in the middle of the right side of the screen.

Under “Orientation,” select “Vertical.” You can also change the font, size, color, and other attributes of your text in this panel. Once you’re happy with your vertical text, click “File” > “Save” to save your document.

Creating vertical text in Photoshop is a quick and easy process that can be done with just a few clicks. By selecting the “Type” tool and then choosing “Vertical” under “Orientation” in the “Character” panel, you can easily style text to stand out on signs, posters, and other graphics.

Kathy McFarland

Kathy McFarland

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