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How do I restore a Joomla backup?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 7:39 am

Restoring a Joomla backup is straightforward and can be accomplished with a few simple steps. The first step is to locate the backup file. Joomla backUPS are typically stored in a specific location on the server, typically in the Joomla root directory. Next, you will need to access the backup file in order to restore it. You can use a file explorer such as Windows Explorer or Finder on a Mac to access the file. Once you have located the backup file, you will need to uncompress it.

PRO TIP: -If you are restoring a Joomla backup, please note that you will need to have access to your Joomla database.

-Restoring a Joomla backup will overwrite your existing Joomla installation. Please make sure that you have a backup of your current Joomla installation before proceeding.

-Please note that restoring a Joomla backup may take a few minutes to complete. Please do not close your browser or navigate away from the page while the restoration is in progress.

If the backup file is compressed, you will need to use an appropriate compression tool to uncompress it. Once the backup file is uncompressed, you will need to select the appropriate files and folders to restore. You can do this by using the file explorer or by using a restoration tool such as Joomla BackUp Restore. Once you have selected the files and folders to be restored, you will need to click on the restore button. The restoration process will start and the files and folders will be restored to the server. Once the restoration is complete, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the restoration tool to reset the website.

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