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How do I show the top toolbar in Illustrator?

Last updated on December 4, 2022 @ 8:27 am

In Illustrator, the Top Toolbar or Control Panel is displayed when you select the Window Menu in the Application Bar and then select Control1. Enabling Control in Window MenuIt presents options for the currently selected tools.Control-Panel-EnabledThe Selection tools include the following:

Rectangular selection tool. Elliptical selection tool. Freehand selection tool. Magnetic selection tool. Shape tool. Pen tool. Polygon tool. Quick select tool. Selection brush. Direct selection tool.

The Type tools include the following:

Text tool. Type mask tool. Type tool (advanced). Type tool (standard). Type tool (extended). Type tool (landscape). Type tool (portrait). Type tool (3D). Type tool (2D).

The Path tools include the following:

Pathfinder tool. Pen tool (path). Pen tool (line). Pen tool (spline). Polygon tool (path). Polygon tool (line). Polygon tool (spline). Rectangle tool. Ellipse tool. Rounded Rectangle tool.

The Layers tools include the following:

Layer tool. New layer button. Layer icon. Layer Styles button. Add layer button. Delete layer button. Layer Style button. Create new fill or stroke button. Select all layers button. Copy layers button.

The Window tools include the following:

Zoom tool. Hand tool. Zoom to fit button. Fit to screen button. Pan tool. Move tool. Rotate tool. Scale tool. Copy path tool. Paste path tool.

The Status bar includes the following:

Document name. Document size. Document type. Toolbar icon. Status bar color. Document preview. Document close button. Document save button. Keyboard shortcuts. Document undo button.

The Options bar includes the following:

Document save options. Document zoom. Print options.

The Brushes include the following:

Brush tool. Brush type. Brush size. Brush angle. Shape Dynamics button. Pressure. Color. Hardness. Wetness. Tolerance.

The Symbols include the following:

Symbol button. Symbol palette. Symbol picker. Symbol type. Symbol size. Symbol angle. Symbol pressure. Symbol color. Symbol hardness. Symbol wetness.

The Palettes include the following:

Standard palette. Type tool palette. Selection palette. Path tool palette. Pen tool palette. Polygon tool palette. Quick select tool palette. Selection brush palette. Direct selection tool palette.


The Top Toolbar/Control Panel in Illustrator is a convenient way to access the most commonly used options for the selected tools.

PRO TIP: If you are working in Adobe Illustrator, you may need to show the top toolbar in order to access certain features. To do this, simply click on the “Window” menu and select “Show Toolbar.”
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