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How do I use dynamic content in Elementor?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 3:19 am

Elementor is a popular content editor that allows you to create and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Dynamic content is a feature that allows you to include content that changes based on user input.

This can be useful for including content that updates automatically when a user makes a change, or for displaying content that changes based on a set of conditions.

To use dynamic content in Elementor, first create a content block that you want to use for the dynamic content. Then, add a content-dynamic attribute to the block.

The value of this attribute is a function that receives user input as a parameter. The function should return an HTML fragment or a string.

Once you have created the content block and added the content-dynamic attribute, you need to add a code block for the content that you want to include. The code block will contain the code that will be executed when the content is displayed.

PRO TIP: If you are not comfortable coding, we recommend that you do not attempt to use dynamic content in Elementor. Incorrectly coding dynamic content can result in unexpected and undesirable changes to your website.

In the code block, you will need to include the content-dynamic attribute and the function that you created earlier. You will also need to include a reference to the content block that you created earlier.

Finally, you will need to add a condition to the content block. This condition will determine when the content will be displayed.

The condition can be any valid JavaScript expression. When the condition evaluates to true, the content block will be executed.

When you are finished, you can add the content block to the page using the Elementor editor. You can also use the content block in your own templates or projects.

Overall, using dynamic content in Elementor is easy. You just need to create a content block, add the content-dynamic attribute, and include the function that you created.

You can then add a condition to the content block to determine when it will be displayed.

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