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How do I use Post widget in Elementor?

Last updated on December 20, 2022 @ 2:09 pm

What is a Post widget?

A Post widget is a small widget that lets you insert posts from a web page into your project. Elementor makes it easy to add a Post widget to your project.

To add a Post widget:

1. In the project toolbar, click on the Widgets tab.

2. Click on the Add Widget button.

3. Select the Post widget from the list.

4. Click on the OK button.

5. The Post widget will be added to the project. Now you can start inserting posts from the web page into your project. To do this:

6. In the project window, click on the Posts tab. Click on the post you want to insert. Click on the Edit button. The post will be opened in the editor. Add the content you want to the post.

7. The post will be inserted into the project.

8. The post will be highlighted in the Posts tab.

9. Click on the blue triangle next to the post to open the post details.

10. Click on the Actions button.

11. Click on the Share button.

12. The post will be shared on social media.

13. Click on the Delete button.

14. The post will be deleted from the project.

15. Click on the Save button.

16. The post will be saved to the project.

17. Click on the Publish button.

18. The post will be published on the web page.


Using a Post widget in Elementor is easy and convenient. You can easily insert posts from a web page into your project and share the posts on social media.

PRO TIP: The Post widget in Elementor allows you to display a single post or multiple posts in a grid or list layout. You can control the number of columns, the order of the posts, and the content that is displayed.

When using the Post widget, be sure to preview your changes before publishing them. This will ensure that your posts are displayed correctly.

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